Food & Drink App Development: 3 Powerful Solutions by SkipTheDishes to Consider Before Creating an App for Ordering Food & Drink


This blog includes information for food tech startups & entrepreneurs. Curated a few powerful solutions by SkipTheDishes to consider during food & drink app development.

For ordering meals, brick-and-mortar is a thing of past. Nowadays, people prefer to order food online due to convenience and huge discounts. Shifting people’s taste from brick-and-mortar to online, it’s all credit goes to mobile apps!

As a food tech startup, if you are planning to develop an app for food and drink category, then this is the ideal time to check out the statistics of the top mobile app categories of 2018. According to the report from Statista, “The mobile app category “Food & Drink” ranked #10 in the most mobile app categories.”


As the mobile app users are growing, these mobile app categories will remain on trend in the future as well. So, picking up the food & drink app category, there is an app for food & drink named SkipTheDishes, which has become #1 food & drink app in Canada, according to the report from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.


With 2 million installs, SkipTheDishes app has become #1 food & drink app by downloads. However, McDonald’s was the second most downloaded app for ordering food & drink along with around 1.8 million app installs, followed by Uber Eats, Tim Hortons & Starbucks.


Image Credits: SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes: App for Ordering Food & Drink

  • Basically, SkipTheDishes is a North American technology company, which connects people to local restaurants and food couriers.
  • The app for ordering food & drink, SkipTheDishes, was launched in the year 2013.
  • SkipTheDishes is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. And, this Canadian Technology company was founded by Chris Simair and Joshua Simair.
  • With the total funding amount of CA$8.5M, SkipTheDishes covered 4 rounds of funding. According to the latest report from SimilarWeb, “The App Store rank of SkipTheDishes is #147.”


  • In this graph, you can check the download rank of SkipTheDishes across the Apple App Store in the United States.


You’ve read a few things about the most downloaded apps in the food & drink app category. To make things more easy for you if you have made up your mind to build food & drink app, we’ve curated a list of powerful solutions by SkipTheDrive, which you can also include while creating an app for food & drink.

What Are Those 3 Powerful Solutions by SkipTheDishes to Create an App for Ordering Food & Drink?

1. A Seamless Ordering Experience

For better results, do not underestimate the potential of an ideal food ordering app that provides a seamless ordering experience. The thing is that how will you be able to achieve that seamless experience? The simple solution is that you need to embrace a set of features and functionalities whilst creating an app for ordering food & drink. It is important to consider a functional and engaging platform where your users can order without being puzzled.


Image Credits: skipthedishes
Source: Google Play

By considering this, it will help you as a food tech to attract more & more customers; however, it also helps you to convert your users for long-time customers. To provide a seamless food ordering experience, check out a few important features while developing an app like SkipTheDishes:

  • User login
  • Allows to Browse Hundreds of Local Restaurants
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Schedule the Order in Advance
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App payments
  • Loyalty, Rewards & Discount Programs
  • Ratings & Reviews

2. Quick & Convenient Services Help App to Stand Out

To develop an on-demand food ordering app for your business, one of the main things, which you need to take care of is its quickness and convenience. Furthermore, this is not a matter of one time; however, this is a long-time affair to keep providing quick and convenient services to your end users or customers. To get a pace in your food ordering experience, you need to offer convenient services to your customers, which help them to stay longer with your business.


Image Credits:

The prime purpose of food & drink app is to make it accessible for food seekers. By considering such a powerful solution, it converts your clients to long-time customers. If you have ever thought of developing a food delivery app, then such a feature can easily go with your food & drink app in order to make stand out.

3. Place Orders On-The-Go

Allowing your users to schedule their orders on-the-go can help them to deliver better food ordering experience to your users. It also helps you to retain your customers for a long time. All you just need to consider a feature, which allows users to place orders for food & drink on-the-go. Well, this handy feature makes users get their food orders at any time and anywhere. This is a necessary feature, which you need to embrace during food & drink app development.


If you have already made up your mind to create an app like SkipTheDishes, you need to consider such a basic yet powerful solution in order to stay longer with your mobile app by putting minimal efforts.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just read a few powerful solutions by SkipTheDishes, which was #1 food & drink app in Canada in the past year i.e. 2018. Before diving into this niche, we’ve decided to make you aware of the ongoing trend of the keywords such as food ordering app & food delivery app. Well, both keywords are high in search volume. According to the latest report from Google Trends, check out the graph, which is exponentially growing over time. It means that food ordering & delivery business has a greater chance to grow in the future. This is what you can check in this graph.


Interest Over Time:


Interest Over Region: Talking about the hottest regions in food ordering & delivery apps are India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and UAE.


If you are ready to develop food and drink app like SkipTheDishes, then it is safe to say that people are still looking for an ideal food ordering & delivery app to get the services to rely on.

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