Here is the Shocking Reason of Why Only 1 Food App Could Secure its Place in Google Play Award 2016

Around 60% of Americans admitted to ordering food for takeout or delivery at least once a week. This grows the demand for food-ordering app development.

Recently, we have seen only one food app that secured its place in Google Play Award 2016. What’s unique in that app? What exceptional features it has? Let’s see.

Yummly is an app that has secured its place in Google Play award 2016. This application allows users to see cooking a meal as a personalized, shareable experience by which they can expand its user base and generate awareness on the Android Platform.

This application also has ‘App Invites’ so that users could invite their friends and family that provide functionality to share particular dinner ideas, recipes or shopping lists. In addition, Yummly also has taken advantage of the seamless integration of Google Analytics. This application has only one share channel with Google Analytics integration to getting data like the number of invites sent, accepted installs and other things to be accurately tracked.

Melissa Guyre, the Product Manager at Yummly, said:
“The App Invites Integration process was seamless. A bonus feature is the excellent tracking tie-in with Google Analytics.”

Why Yummly Got 3.5M downloads on iOS?

Some brilliant iOS developers have together developed this amazing restaurant application that allows users to browse recipes freely. This application also allows users to save recipes, purchase ingredients and get personal recommendations from the chefs.

It allows searching recipe with its smart search. Yummly works with an aim to “be the world’s largest, most powerful and most helpful food app.” its search function is excellent when any user can type a term like ‘chestnut’, it shows 625 results. Yummly has different types of filter categories like Prep Time, Cuisines, Preferences, Nutrition, Courses, Tastes and Techniques

‘Preferences’ option learns users’ personal taste. ‘Dislikes’ tells users’ dislike recipes by omitting recipes that have those ingredients. Yummly offers a wide collection of different food options by narrowing search result. This app has around 25 filters that go beyond Italian, French, Thai, Hungarian, Cuban, American, Mexican, Asian, Swedish, and more.

If you count calorie before eating any dishes, then you will love the Nutrition section that enables you to set the calories per serving and managing carbs, fat, and cholesterol. Even, it manages different type of flavor such as sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and more.

Concluding this app, Yummly is one of the best recipe apps developed for iOS platform. Yummly must hire iPhone app developer, who have been thoughtfully designed this application, considering users’ real problem. iPhone developers also have added barcode scanning, which is convenient to use.

Yummly App also launched for Android

After getting 3.5 million downloads on iPhone and iPad, Yummly app made its debut on Android platform. Yummly for android displays “signature Android features and design philosophy” and also available for various Android devices.

Yummly claims its iOS apps “have been the #1 free recipe apps since their respective launches over the last 12 months. This app touts 15 million monthly unique visitors across mobile and web.” Currently, iPad app of Yummly holds the #1 spot among food and drink apps in the U.S.

Yummly Got funding of $15 Million for Its Recipe Recommendation and Food Delivery Business
Yummly also raised $15 million in the new round of funding that values the company at $100 million. This year, more than $750 million have been raised by the food startups and it is expected that food industry category passes the billion-dollar peak soon. With this funding, the company is thinking to expand its product line and enter into a new partnership.

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