Fleet Management Company: How Peloton Technology Will Drive Success in Trucking Industry

fleet management company

Keeping tabs on your fleet of vehicles used to be more of an art than science, but that’s been changed during the past decade as the GPS fleet management systems have grown up with modern technologies. Now, with peloton technology, it’s possible to generate much more real-time information that maximizes the efficiency of your fleet.

While many still consider it to be a bit risky, but with the help of fleet management company, trucking companies could make it more fuel-efficient, safer, and easier for the drivers.

Moreover, the trucking fleet management has existed for more than three-quarters of the century. And, now with the introduction of GPS and ability to create fleet management mobile apps, it has not only marked the maturity of fleet management, but the field has seen explosive growth.

In fact, ever since Peloton Technology partnered with Omnitracs, the Peloton is going to fill pre-orders for its Class 8 truck platooning system 2017. However, it’s not a complete autonomous technology, the drivers will be still in charge of steering who still have to pay attention to the roads.

But, once trucking company incorporates the fleet management system, it’ll enable them to know whereabouts of their fleet. And, it will enable company owners to ensure that a client has reliable and cost-efficient transportation to meet business operations on time.

This whole system works like an adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency braking. If the V2V layer in the system will engage, then that automatic braking within a tenth of a second of the lead truck will hit the breaks.

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Furthermore, each platoon in the system is limited to only two trucks to ensure safety. And, it will also benefit to fuel efficiency. The lead truck in this pair will save about 4.5 percent fuel, while the following truck will save about 10 percent.

Moreover, the trucking companies have already moved their system on mobile apps. Many fleet management software companies provide their services through mobile apps for vehicle tracking and maintenance information on the go. These mobile apps not only improve productivity, but it makes the drivers’ lives easier with easy-to-use fleet management mobile applications.

While developing a mobile app for your fleet management could be tough, but there are certain mobile app development companies that can help you with your mobile app development to build your own fleet management mobile app. The app can help your drivers get any information they need to know at any given time including accessing roadside assistance, finding nearest fuel station, accident reports, and maintenance location.

However, when you’re considering to develop a fleet management mobile application, it’s crucial that you find a top mobile app development company that is prepared to consider the option of developing a customized fleet management mobile app for your business. Because, without this option, it could destroy the competitive edge that your business holds.

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