Develop an app like Flappy Bird

Make your own app like Flappy Bird

Your search for Flappy Bird Game Developer is over.

Flappy Bird has taken AppStore on Storm with people from the whole world getting mad about this EXTREMELY addictive game.

Surprisingly and mysteriously, its developer has taken the game down. This is good and bad. Bad, because Flappy Bird was a VERY good game; and good - because it’s an opportunity to create a similar game, make people enjoy playing it again and earn $$$.

Don’t wait; hire iPhone App Developer from us who will create a Flappy Bird like addictive game for you.

Why Hire Game Developers from Space-O?

There may be many developers around but only a few maybe good. In this context, a good developer is the one who can help you get your App to the App Store as soon as possible. Our developers have developed an engine similar to Flappy Bird and they know their stuff. It would be insane not to rely on people who know their stuff. Flappy Bird Game Developers can help you earn more dollars and that too fast.

Flappy Bird Source Code

We are not selling source-code.

Even, that would be not good choice.

We can make your Flappy bird type of app as we have expert developers who have some similar type of experience.

Re-skinning Flappy Bird Like Game

Do you think what we are offering is essentially reskinning the source that we already have?

You’re right. Quick turnaround is important and re-skinning when done right can do miracles.

It is a different question if miracles work or not but all of us would be happy if we make more money through wise re-skinning of an app.

More Money = More Happiness.

Well, not always but as the saying goes, “It would be much better to die in a lavish villa than on a street as a beggar.” Re-skinning Flappy Bird Like Game Can Make You More Money.

FAQs for Flappy Bird Game Development

Two Week. Well, it could even be more or less.

It will provide the experience similar to what Flappy Bird used to provide. Do you require any other specifications?

There are number of ways to make money.

  • Re-skinning your old game: It is simply a way of creating multiple apps / games with the same source code but different artwork and objects like ducks, sheep, seagulls, fruit, etc.
  • In-App Purchases: They make the game addictive so we can offer in-app purchases that would fulfill user's desire of playing more and more. A very typical way of offering in-app purchase is to show ads and ask users to pay a buck or two if they don’t want to see any ads.
  • Ad Integration: This is the killer one. Much bigger than you can imagine. There’s plenty of money to earn through the app like flappy bird.

We have a dedicated team of App Marketing Professionals who play with Chartboost, RevMob and more and get proficient to help make you more money. Want to find out more? Talk to us.

Because we do what we say we would do. Please have a look at our testimonials page. These many clients cannot be wrong, can they?

Looking for Re-skin Flappy Bird Like Games for iPhone / Android?

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