How To Fix The Confusion: Free Version Or Paid Version


It requires a mental sharpness to make a wise decision whether your app should be introduced as lite or free version or paid app version or both. Every version has deep impact on your app sale and app marketing. Sometimes we decide to offer lite (free) application so that users may get familiar with the usability of the app. In other times, we want to earn some money by selling the app to users. Third option is wonderful; we offer a part of app for free to users and if they are satisfied with the app, they may ask for the more features at payment. Doing this is not difficult, but you should bear following points in mind when making final decision about lite app or paid applications or both.

Important Features of Free or Lite App:

Here are important points to understand and manage lite version of an application.

  1. Keep free App’s file small in size. You can do it easily by keeping the content only offered for free.
  2. Keep the size of your app’s lite version up to 20-50 MB. Mobile application with this size allows a broad range of potential users to download it easily without looking for a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Lite version is an imperative and free marketing tool for your app. So, try to maximize the benefits from it.
  4. Lite app implementation is easier as compared with in-app purchase requirements. This option is a blessing for the people who don’t like complexities that come with the In-App purchase. According to the Store Kit documentation by Apple, there is need of extra programming skills and backend infrastructure for an In-App purchase. Moreover, the Store Kit Application Interface (API) can bring about many challenges for new programmers for iOS.
  5. Always introduce lite version of your new application when it has single function utility.

Important Features of In-App Purchase:

  1. You can start out by compiling two versions i.e. lite version as well as paid version with the help of Xcode.
  2. There is no need to transfer the data in paid version. In-App purchase does not need to shift any data because all features of paid version are open. And this does not go same with the free version. Indeed, this would be a nightmare for a developer to move data from free app to paid app.
  3. Next, In-App purchase gives huge number of options to users to buy additional features and add-on content according to their whims. Keep flexible In-App purchase; it will give freedom to buyer of your app to spend on your application and ultimately it will increase the sale of your app. Be mindful that small number of loyal users of paid features will become the big source of your income. Therefore, always have an effective and long-term business plan for your app.
  4. Offer free up-dates along with paid app. To convert first buyer into regular buyer of different features of your app, you should set free up-dates for all the paid customers. App Store also supports this free offer. While setting the price for your app, you may consider all the spending for app development, research work, and free up-dates. This will help you maintain your app business.
  5. An In-App purchase also offers a feasible choice for game applications. Moreover, a big storage space is required for your app if you want to offer more content and additional features through In-App purchase.
  6. The purchase version of an app has many things in the box for you. It has huge potential for growth and is a charismatic tool for mobile sale. Moreover, In-App purchase also gives opportunity to monetize your app on iOS website.
  7. The ideal thing for your app is to introduce both free and paid versions of your app. Free version must have few features of the In-App purchase version. This step will show your app on both charts of top free apps and top paid apps in the App Store.
  8. Lastly and probably most important part of In-App purchase is, you offer a part of your application for free and other premium features for a small upgrade fee. This is a pretty good idea and most app business persons prefer it.

Above discussion shows that both versions of an app – lite version and paid version are important and there is no well-defined competition between them. Both are valuable and both should be used wisely. If you need help, Space-O Technologies’ efficient and skillful programmers are always ready to counsel you!

Hope, you enjoyed this post!

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