Don’t Forget to Include These 7 Features While Developing a Fitness App Like 8fit

Being a fitness freak, you may download a lot of fitness applications on your smartphone. And, your eyes always seek to a well-crafted fitness app or look for health related apps like 8fit app review, which may have all the essential features, which can be your personal trainer at free of cost.

As per the recent data on Google Trends, you can see in the below-given image that the usage of fitness apps has been grown in 2017.



Recently, we came across the stats of one of the most popular fitness apps i.e. Fitbit. According to the recent data, the usage rank of Fitbit is #1, and the total installs of Fitbit app are 10M – 50M in the year 2017.


Apart from the Fitbit app, let us move & talk about the 8fit (the other fitness app), which has recently gained popularity among fitness freaks. Using 8fit fitness app, users can track specific fitness goals. Also, the users are allowed to maintain their fitness routine as to whether they want to lose fat or gain muscle mass.

7 Essential Features of Fitness App Development That You Can Consider

Developing a fitness app like 8fit is not as difficult as it sounds. You can also have your own fitness and diet app like 8fit and let fitness freaks, who need a quick and effective workout and meal plan app without spending much money.

Before developing a health and fitness app like 8fit, you check out these below-mentioned fitness app features that can make your app stand out from other apps for fitness:

  1. Customized Diet Plans

    The fitness coaching app is more like a personal trainer in your hand. One of the most important features that you need to include in fitness app is the customized diet plans.


    Image Source: 8fit

    It will help users to create the personalized diet plan according to their body requirements. It will also give the options to choose the ingredients and help users to decide the recipe as what they want. Include an “affordable recipe” option in the app, suggesting the food that fits in your users’ pocket.

  2. Workout Programs

    Another essential feature of the fitness app is a variety of workout programs based on different levels i.e. beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


    Image Source: 8fit

    The app can only stand out from existing fitness apps by just providing features from a diverse range of well-detailed Yoga videos to high-intensity interval training workout programs.

  3. Allow to Keep Track of Daily Activity

    It can become one of the unique features in your application, allowing users to insert different physical activities, which can be performed by users outside of their home. Also, the mobile app does track user’s calorie intake throughout the day and giving detail information about the total calorie burn.

  4. Steps Tracking

    This is one of the must-have features, which is highly recommended if you are planning to create apps to track workout. With this feature, users can check their total steps of an entire day and calories burned while walking, running, and cycling throughout the day. Thus, considering this feature can make your fitness app unique from other apps.

  5. User Interface (UI)

    The best part to take notice is that the fitness app must have a flawless & engaging user interface. As in the mobile app must include neatly separated sections.

  6. Community-based Aspect

    One of the best features, which you can include in the fitness app is the social aspect. The community-based feature in the app lets users compete with their friends and family members in different kinds of challenges and activities. By inducing this feature, it keeps users motivated. This feature can provide a platform to connect with link-minded individuals.

  7. Wearable Device Integration

    Another important feature that plays a vital role in fitness app development is wearable device integration, allowing users to duly connected to different external devices. By connecting the app with wearable devices, users can keep track of their activities and exercise routine. It will be easy for users to track and keep an eye on their daily exercise schedule. In addition to this, they can compare their data by week, month and year and achieve their fitness goal.

    So, these are some of the unique fitness app features that you can consider in your mind while developing a fitness app like 8fit. Additionally, there are numerous best fitness apps, which are widely used by people globally. You can have a look at these apps and check out their unique features.

Top Fitness Apps That Are Widely Used by People Globally

  1. WeFit (formerly 7 FIT) – 7 Minute Workout

    This app is a choice of more than 2 million people, and it has become one of the most demanded fitness apps after Fitbit. The app, WeFit (formerly 7 FIT) consists of videos of pro trainers, comprehensive workout programs, and reminders.

    With this kind of fitness app, you can select from various workout programs, including workouts for a specific body part. Because of various attributes of the WeFit app, its usage rank is #2 with total installs of 1M to 5M. This app is free and available only on Android.

  2. Samsung Health

    When it comes to health and fitness, how could we forget to mention Samsung Health, the fitness app? The app provides core features like to record and analyze the daily activities and habits to help maintain a successful diet and healthy lifestyle.

    One of the popular fitness apps, Samsung Health allows the user to add and track the various physical activities and exercises in just a single step. And, it helps to create a balanced lifestyle pattern by recording information such as food, caffeine, and water intake details.

    The usage rank of Samsung Health fitness app is #3, and the total installs are 100M-500M. The mobile application supports 70 languages, including English, French, and Chinese. Also, Samsung Health does protect the user’s health data securely.

  3. Twilight

    The third app in the health and fitness category is Twilight is designed for those who have trouble falling asleep. The reason can be using a smartphone, tablet in the late night.

    The Twilight app makes the device screen adapt to the time of the day. Therefore, it does flux and filters the blue light, which is emitted by a smartphone or tablet.

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  4. Drink Water Reminder – Water Alert, Water Tracker

    The fourth app of fitness app is Drink Water Reminder, which helps users to get an appropriate intake of water every day. It is recognized as a water tracker app, which helps people to develop good habits of drinking water. This mobile app has total 1M to 5M installs. And, its usage rank is #6.

    This app is specially developed for those who could not have enough water due to a busy schedule. Also, it has several features like it allows to track your drinking habits with statistics in graphics.

So, What’s Next?

After checking out the above-mentioned features of a fitness app that you can include, it’s time to discuss your app idea with any cheap mobile app development company that has proficiency in developing health and fitness applications. Moreover, you can also consider other important features of health and fitness apps that you may think can help your users to stay fit and healthy.

In case, if you still have query or confusion related to the development cost of gym workout apps or fitness app development , or want to create best fitness apps for Android, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our representatives will get back to you with an optimum solution. Until that, you can scout some of the fitness apps, which are developed by us:

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