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But, how you can do in the best way? While exploring TechCrunch, I got a chance to compare Twitter Moments, Instagram Spotlights, and Snapchat Live Stories.      

Let’s see the opportunities, strengths, and shortcomings.

Instagram Spotlight, a recently launched feature, is connected over the feed and stimulated heavily on Explore page. If you unable to see it, then just swipe right at the top.  

What It Does?

Instagram Spotlights shows an auto-advancing feed of video clips around artist, theme and of course, a live event. One can easily to swipe up to see the next clip or let them slide into place at its own pace. Instagram places in the shoes of the world’s luckiest photographer for the Grammys among all the extravagance.

Here, you can check out 55 clips, including pop starlet Ariana Grande waving “hi Instagram!”. The best things about Instagram’s Grammys Spotlight, it shows you the best moments that weren’t on TV. It’s all about the visuals, just like Instagram, so Spotlight provides high-definition video that provides crisp and alive without being swift.

The Spotlight also seems to be overly contrived. The support on professional outside photographers like Polk Imaging shoots for Getty makes a bit detached. Spotlight does many events, check pictures below.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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Not only Spotlight, it has added two-factor authentication to improve security

Instagram’s popularity is growing gradually and the social network has improved with two-factor authentication to help preclude security breaches.

Until now, Instagram only needed a user ID and password, however, now users will able to choose for a temporary code to be texted to them, as a second step in the login process. It enables two-factor a long belated change by the service that has become the photo sharing service of alternative for many celebrities.

Users can also change their password on Instagram without two-factor. Last year, Taylor Swift was the victim of a hack, where users took her account and posted many images of her. But, it was deleted when her team regained control of it.

Instagram users can see this update earlier this month that enables people to switch between accounts without going through the trouble of logging out and in repeatedly. Facebook already started offering two-factor security in 2011 and Gmail also in the same year.

Twitter Moments – What’s that?

Twitter’s attempt is the best but doesn’t create wow feeling. They have shared curation formats to use still images. Twitter’s Grammy Moment includes videos, 50 GIFs, photos, and reactionary tweets to put-down through.

It’s a silent GIFs of people singing seems incomplete and awkward. It’s crop landscape media into portrait mode feature leaves some clips looking pixelated and a user wouldn’t know what they were missing unless they tapped.

Twitter’s New Timeline

To increase its growth and users’ activity, Twitter added a feature that lets users receive recommended tweets at the top. Yes. They tested it against the chronological timeline.

As a result, Twitter stated, “we’ve measured a rapid increase in favorites, re-tweets, and engagement.”

Which factors did they consider to show this result?

  • Tweets you interact with
  • Your interested topics
  • Activity of the people similar to you

However, Twitter users(who loved the old format) protested against their timeline to be configured in this way.

Solution. Twitter made it easy. They gave enable/disable options.

Check this image. How to enable/disable timeline personalization.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Snapchat Live Stories – What’s that?

Snapchat combines user-submitted footage and clips from its own in-house correspondents. One can easily fast-forward it with the 65 snaps that compose the several-minute sequence that is promoted your Story list.

Snapchat’s Grammy’s story casts as a celebrity’s best friend. Snapchat’s story is fawning and funny, as it is annotated with text exclamations and decorated with emoji annotated. If celebrities are using Snapchat lenses and graphics, it automatically provides a uniqueness. One of the best thing about Snapchat is that it competes to be the first screen for a generation that is largely given up on television in mobile’s favor. Check pictures below for more idea.  

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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Facebook to Announce Human Curation to Its Facebook Events feature

Competing with other social medias like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram – Facebook announced to add human curation to its events feature that will be available on iOS devices.
Human curation will plan to add with designated curators set to highlight important events in 10 U.S. cities, including Seattle, Boston, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

One of the Facebook features, Facebook Events allows users to create dedicated Facebook event pages for parties, festivals and more and sign up to attend those events. Now, Facebook’s curators will inspect each city’s family, festival, fitness, top art, food & drink, learning, and sports events and choose some with the capacity to accept more audience.

Curated Featured Events will join existing event suggestions that have added events on the basis of past attendance, interest, and friend attendance. Facebook is also improving its Events section with new event categories, including “Food,”Music,”The Weekend,” and more.

Recent Edit: Human curation feature of Facebook


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