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Getting the work done, transmitting information from the site to the office and recording the data in a little period of time is difficult for those, whose services involve field work. Whether you are a technician, plumber, locksmith, appliance repairer, commercial/residential cleaner or pest control tech; getting the reporting- inspection process shorter and simpler is in your and your company’s best interest.

A lot of paperwork does come your way now, since you may need either of these documents, to get the work done: service/repair orders, property condition reports, HVAC work orders, oil delivery reports or 5S audit forms.

Field Service Apps Are
The Evolving Workforce…

The IoT:

According to Gartner’s prediction on IoT, by 2020, more than 30 billion devices other than smartphones, tablets and computers are to be connected via the Internet of Things, doing great for the field workers. Using IoT, the user’s equipments will communicate data with the technicians mobile devices, transferring the data required. The same data will then be sent to the office in real time so that the required calculations can be done and the data can be stored in the back-end server.

This process makes sure important information is taken out and the performance can be measured, in no time. Along with that, one can track patterns and trends for long-term planning. The goal is to formulate an intelligent and preventive method.

Tech Savvy & Young Workers:

BYOD strategy

About 62% percent of organizations use the BYOD strategy.

Tech Savvy & Young Workers under 30

One-fifth of the current field workers age under 30.

social net-working sites

43% of firms may give their workers the power of Social Networking sites, for knowledge transfer.

Decision Making Unit (DMU)

The people who do have the power of decision making, in this case, are the Director, MD or CEO, the Field Service Director and the Field Service Manager. Using a field service mobile apps there can be improved response-times decision-making capabilities to workers in the field.

The reason why most companies choose the mobile ways to an efficient workflow is that it, “makes employees’ work-flow easier” with 57% of companies stating this to be the case.

What a field service app can do for your organization?

Geographic Awareness and Communication:

Enables field workers to share their location and availability of time for the next service. Sort your work based on priority and location.

Our field service app – GeoMine

An app made by us, GeoMine, is basically a field service app, for the field officers working in the Geology and Mining department. The GeoMine solution is to enable the officials working in the Department of Geology and Mining to manage and ensure compliance and perform inspection-reporting on the same platform, the GeoMine mobile app. It assists the mining activities to be done and executed digitally.

Winding up

If your firm or company is not following the field service app, you are soon going to fall behind as the entire world is taking a step towards mobility. It is not surprising that 61% of field service companies have already started using smartphones or tablets and are en-cashing it by making it a part of the employees’ routine. These apps help them in streamlining their business processes to increase the customer satisfaction.

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