4 Common Features of Ovulation Apps like Flo, Clue & Eve that are Important When Developing Fertility Apps


This blog includes information for women’s fertility startups & entrepreneurs, who want to create ovulation apps. Let’s walk into a few common features of ovulation apps to consider during fertility apps development.

With the emergence of mobile applications and connected wearable devices, we can experience a number of fertility tools and solutions for those women who struggle to conceive. If we’re talking about the stats, according to the latest report from the U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention:

Well, in the women’s fertility space, there are explosions of fertility apps. However, these apps do not claim to make women fertile, but these apps help women or app users to know about their accurate ovulation and the more fertile days.


Top Fertility Apps by Downloads in the U.S. for 2018

The use of fertility apps has been increasing over the last few years. According to the latest report from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence, “The most downloaded fertility app in the United States during 2018 was Flo with over 5 million new installs.”


The next most downloaded fertility app was Clue with over 2.5 million installs, followed by Eve, Period Tracker by GP Apps and Period Calendar.

We’ve decided to elaborate more about the fertility apps i.e. Flo, Clue, and Eve, which were ranked among top fertility apps by downloads in the United States for 2018.

Top Fertility Apps: Flo, Clue & Eve

Flo Health App

Flo offers an AI-powered women’s health platform, and Flo app is currently ranked #1 in the health and fitness category. This fastest growing AI-driven women’s health app, which encompasses solutions for their users i.e. girls & women at every stage of their users’ lives whether it is a start of menstruation, cycle, tracking, pregnancy, early motherhood or menopause.

  • With total funding amount of $18M, Flo is a San Francisco-based health app. It is the most downloaded and popular health and fitness app in the U.S. Apple App Store. In over 30 countries, Flo has become the App of the Day in App Store.
  • Over 4.6M women were able to conceive with Flo app and it has been growing by 500K each month.
  • Currently, this fertility app is available in 20 languages. According to the latest report from SimilarWeb, you can see the usage rank of top fertility app, Flo, which is currently #3 in Google Play Store.


Clue: Period Tracker App

Apart from the ranking of Clue app, it is claimed to be # 1-period tracker app, which uses science to help users (women) to discover the unique patterns in their menstrual cycles.

Launched back in 2013, Clue app calculates users’ periods and PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndrome) based on the data. It also calculates fertility windows based on the global averages that can be made more accurate by the user’s entering ovulation test data.

According to the report from App Annie, “The download rank of Clue, period tracker app, is #23 in the health and fitness category.”


Eve by Glow

Eve is another period tracker and sex app for women who want to control their sex lives. It also helps users to predict their next period and chances of pregnancy. Launched in 2015, it tracks users’ moods and symptoms to discover trends in users’ cycles.

According to the report from Similar Web, you can check the graph of the usage rank of the fertility app.


4 Common Features of Fertility Apps like Flo, Clue & Eve That Are Essential to Consider

1. Period & Ovulation Tracker

All those women who struggle to conceive, the fertility app allows them to track and focus on when they are fertile for pregnancy. One of the common features is to allow users to track their menstrual cycle information by just putting the dates of cycles.


Image Credit: flo health

When it comes to fertility, period and ovulation, tracker feature is the essential one while developing a fertility app. As a women’s health tech startup, if you are planning to develop a fertility app, it is important to make the whole process more transparent. Plus, it is also important to provide accurate information if users are planning to conceive or get pregnant.

2. Reminders for The Next Periods, PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndromes) & Fertile Window

Another important feature is to keep users reminding about their next cycles or periods or fertile window. The main objective of developing ovulation apps is to help your app users to focus on when they are fertile for pregnancy. Your users would not only get the important reminders for their next periods, but it is also important to let them know about their PMS and fertile window.


Image Credit: period tracker clue
Source: Google Play Store

The main solution behind the fertility app for those who don’t want to be pregnant anytime soon. By just putting their period dates, they can easily get remind for their next period, PMS, other health conditions during the menstruation cycle. During fertility app development, such a common feature is highly recommended to consider.

3. Allows Users to Identify The Unique Patterns of Cycle

The next essential feature is all about knowing their bodies by detecting physical and emotional patterns. To identify the unique patterns of the cycle, it is essential to include this feature in order to become your users to know well by allowing users to identify the unique patterns of menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertile days.


Image Credit: period tracker clue
Source: Google Play Store

Being women’s tech startup, allow your users to get to know about the changes in their bodies by detecting physical and emotional patterns. All top of it, it is important to gather data for graphs as well as smart health reports, where app users can share with their physicians.

4. Allows Users to Connect With Friends & Family to Open Up About Menstrual Health

The next common feature is to build a strong community where if the users want to connect with their fellow members. Well, this is one of the common yet unique features, which is called the strong community that provides an extended friend group for discussing their personal health problems like menstrual health or sexual health.


Image Credit: dailymail

However, by including this feature, you can allow your app users to connect and learn from other women who have been there before.

Do You Want to Dive into Women’s Fertility Space?

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