Are You Planning to Develop Contraceptive App like Natural Cycles? Check Out These 3 Unique Features Before Developing a Successful Fertility App


This blog is for startups & entrepreneurs, who want to create a contraceptive app like Natural Cycles. We’ve curated three unique features, which you can consider during fertility app development.

Millions of women are turning their smartphones to track their menstruation cycles and to know more about their bodies during their fertile or ovulation days. Well, there are a number of fertility apps or we can say, period and ovulation tracker apps like Flo, Ovia, Period Tracker, Conceivable, Clue & Kindara.

Talking about the craze of “fertility app”, the search term or keyword has been popular among searchers since 2008.


When it comes to talking about the interest by region-wise, then the search is high from the U.S. and the cities are Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California, and Florida.

There is a revolutionary and high-tech fertility app named Natural Cycles, which has taken this sector to the next level. According to the company, the digital contraception app is the world’s only birth control app, which uses analytics rather than chemicals to plan or prevent pregnancies. According to the report from TechCrunch, “Natural Cycles is a form of birth control app, which is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.”

Well, this high-tech fertility app, Natural Cycles, has always been in the limelight due to its exceptional app features. The company also claims to meet its app users’ requirements. Let’s know more about the app.

best-period-tracker-appImage Source: natural cycles

Natural Cycles: The Contraceptive App

Founded back in June 2013, Natural Cycles is a Swedish-based startup, offering a contraceptive app, which uses a basal body temperature. Through an algorithm, it helps to calculate whether the user is fertile or not. In addition, it helps users to get aware of their bodies in menstruation cycles. According to the report from FDA, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted marketing of the first mobile app, Natural Cycles, which can be used as a method of contraception to prevent pregnancy.”

Well, one of the most worth mentioning things is that this high-tech fertility app, Natural Cycles, works on an algorithm, which is a unique part, making this fertility app stands apart from its rivals. Let’s know how does Natural Cycle app algorithm work?

How Does Natural Cycles, The Contraceptive App, Algorithm Work?

Mensuration-Cycle-Tracker-App-DevelopmentImage Source: natural cycles

As we’ve already mentioned that the Natural Cycle app is based on the unique algorithm. This algorithm calculates the green and red days of registered app users. And, it helps users to predict the ovulation and fertile days of users.

The algorithm works by identifying the user’s fertile days. And, every female user has a different and unique cycle. So, it lets users know when the ovulation occurs. And, it shows as “red” fertile days in the contraceptive app, Natural Cycles, when the user once gets started. This is what you can see in the image of stats.


Image Source: natural cycles

Note:- Green Dots: Not Fertile & Red Dots: Chances to get fertile

The basal body temperature can be calculated by the thermometer, adding all the details like body temperature and ovulation test in the app. Then, the app lets users know –

  • How temperature curves (graph) look on the basis of basal body temperature
  • The user can get an overview of her fertile days

Additionally, the algorithm will also calculate predictions for upcoming months, depending on how regular menstruation cycles are.

Talking about the performance of Natural Cycles app, then according to the latest report from SimilarWeb, the Google Play rank is #421 and Usage rank is #541. This is what you can see in the image.


Now, herein we are breaking down the unique features, which can be considered before developing a fertility app or contraceptive app like Natural Cycles.

3 Unique Features to Consider Before Developing a Successful Contraceptive App like Natural Cycles

1. Offline Mode & Reminders

Offline-Mode-Natural-Cycles-AppImage Source: natural cycles

The fertility monitoring app allows users to know more about their menstruation cycles, periods and peak days of fertility. The app is based on the algorithm on data given by woman by using the app such as daily basal body temperature and monthly menstrual cycles. Then, it calculates the exact window of fertile days each month when woman is most fertile therefore likely to conceive.

Well, this app feature lets users know about the cycle with the graph, where it shows the green and red days of fertility. The important feature is that it can be accessed and add data offline. The app will store until the next time the user is connected. The offline mode feature will sync the new data with the algorithm and return updated fertility status.

Reminders-Natural-Cycles-AppImage Source: natural cycles

There is another important feature named as reminders, which is customized to receive reminders to measure. Being a startup, you can allow your app users to customize reminders as per their convenience.

2. Allow Users to Learn More About The Body in Real-time

To build a contraceptive app like Natural Cycles, it is important to consider a feature that allows users to learn more about the body in real-time with an easy-to-use fertility app by just putting her temperature details. To make the app accurate, it is important to allow your app users with a feature by which they will get to know about her body in real-time.


Talking about the feature, it allows users to track their bodies in real-time, but app users know about the technicality of their bodies during menstruation cycle, including PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndrome). The fertility app like Natural Cycles provides a platform, where users easily know about their bodies on the go.

3. The Algorithm & Predictions to Follow The Pregnancy

The FDA approved birth control app, Natural Cycles, is based on the strong algorithm, and it works to know the basal body temperature of the female user to know about fertile or not. All you need to do as a startup that allows your app users to get easy solutions in terms of accurate results about their health conditions during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

As long as predictions are concerned, these will be varied while adding the data by users. In this way, users can see the data visually different from the past days and the current day. However, there is a green-colored smaller circle in the app that will show the predictions about fertility like not fertile, low fertility as per the user’s data.


So, being a startup, if you are planning to create a contraceptive app like Natural Cycles or give solutions to prevent pregnancy to your users, then such feature is unique and worth to consider during fertility app development.

Are You Ready With Your Idea on Fertility App?

As you have just gone through with unique app features of the contraceptive app, Natural Cycles. Undeniably, more and more women are using fertility apps as contraception, this is because of no side-effects. Moreover, people do not need to spend huge bucks on contraceptive pills, and a fertility app like Natural Cycles is considered as handy.

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