4 Factors That Influenced Android App Development in 2015

Android App Development

Android app development and craze related to it has not backed down just even though the trend for iPhone app development is increasing day by day. Android Google Play Store is still dominating all the play stores completely. And this dominance is expected to continue for a long time as app after app, Google Play is growing.

Statista’s statistics proves the same. According to Statista,

“Google’s Android leads the global market with an 80 percent market share, while Apple’s iOS is second, with 15 percent.”

It also states that Google Play Store is leading with a whopping ‘1.6 Million Apps’ becoming the largest app store in existence today.

And this trend will continue, due to certain reasons responsible for the change.

These four factors that influenced the Android app development are:

#1. Open Source (No License Expense)

It is very easy to develop an app for Android, and to tell you the truth, Android makes it easy. The Software Development Kit or SDK required to create an Android application is Open Source. It will you an open source advantage, royalty free and advanced framework. So all that Android app development will cost you is that cost of the development itself. Any updates required in the SDK, can be done for free as well.

The best thing is that you can tweak the mobile app according to your business requirements.

#2. Advanced Integration

If you need your app to be integrated with any web application or another Android application itself, then Android makes it easy for you to do so. Android is the best platform for apps that require many other apps’ affiliation; from social networking site to messaging apps to backend apps and more.

A much-observed trend for apps Integration is that, most of the apps, whether they be for any purpose or for any reason, do have at least one app affiliated to it. And the most commonly affiliated apps are the Social Networking Sites (especially for the Login process). Payment gateway integration is the second most popular term followed by social network integration.

#3. Material Design

Material DesignMaterial Design is all about the visualization of apps through catchy UI/UX design concepts. This design plan was formulated to make sure a consistent User Interface can be set up to allow a familiar and comfortable User Experience. The plan was proposed at Google’s I/O, 2014.

This design allows one to look at any design in and through 3 dimensions (like the real world paper materials), allowing the space for designers to add layering to the app’s design. Material Design supports a wide range of display sizes, ratios and pixel densities. However, above and beyond all of this, the main change or difference that this Material Design brings is the consistency, that was much required for Google’s Android.

Google has unveiled Material Design guidelines to the Web using HTML, JS and CSS and have introduced it as Material Design Lite (MDL). So no wonder, very soon website might have the same material design look as of Android app.

#4. Security

As we talked about a few articles ago, Android M is bringing in with it the death sentence for many android apps. Why so? Android M also comes hand in hand with BoringSSL, that is replacing OpenSSL. In the reign of OpenSSL, incidents like the Heartbleed took place. To make sure something of this sort does not happen again, Android has taken strict steps.

This means that all the Android apps now need to affiliate themselves with the BoringSSL and follow these steps to protect your android apps and stay in the league.

Taking care of all the important things one after the other, Google is driving developers and app-makers towards Android app development. Covering all the potholes from accessibility to easy usage and from user experience to security; it is increasing its speed to glory.

So if you planning for android app development, Space-O will be more than happy to help you.


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