Why Facebook isn’t Ashamed Of Testing SnapChat Clone App in Poland?

After Snapchat’s whopping success, many people have tried to copy Snapchat’s recipe, including Facebook. Although, Facebook had a number of failed attempts over the past recent years and it looks like they’re not going to give up either.

Recently, Facebook has cloned another element of Snapchat – stories – in their Facebook Messenger and named it as ‘Messenger Day’. This feature, same as Snapchat, allows users to share post Images and videos (with filters) which disappear in 24 hours.

However, Facebook played smart move by launching Messenger Day in Poland, where Snapchat isn’t much famous comparing to other regions. So now, if the Messenger Day gets a decent number of users in Poland, then there’s a good chance for Facebook to achieve success by opting for a wider audience.

What Motivated Facebook To Clone Snapchat Element?

The main reason why Facebook made this move is because they’re losing a decent amount of users (Mostly Teenagers) to Snapchat. In a survey, 11% of teens said that they use Snapchat more than Facebook. Additionally, the Snapchat has already taken over Twitter, Google+, and Vine on daily usage-wise.

With that being said, Snapchat has now secured its position in the top three of social networks used by teens. This means Snapchat is building an attractive network of users.
Nevertheless, It may not affect Facebook that much, and with 1 billion Messenger users, Facebook is surely giving it a shot by adding similar feature. In fact, Facebook often executes small tests first to a limited audience before making a decision to roll out new features to other regions. However, there’s no guarantee right now that Messenger Day will make it to the other market.

But, after getting a good amount of response in Instagram Stories, Facebook has decided to add a similar feature and they are forcing it on Messenger users in Poland.

Two Lessons For Entrepreneurs

The term Entrepreneur is quite the buzz these days. However, it doesn’t mean that you must have to have a unique idea to call yourself one of them. But, what it actually means is, how smartly and instantly you grab any opportunity that you see, even if you’re copying. Here are the best 2 lessons you, as an Entrepreneur, must learn from Facebook.

1) Observe What’s Working

Take a look at Instagram Stories for an example. What they did is just created a similar feature (Snapchat stories) in the Instagram (Instagram Stories). This feature, same as the Snapchat, allows users to create ephemeral stories consisting of images & videos that destroy itself in 24 hours. In fact, Instagram app is actually doing a pretty good job at it.

What Facebook did with Instagram is, they brought the teenage audience’s beloved feature – Snapchat Stories – to Instagram. Now the audience who loves both, photo sharing and creating ephemeral stories will be now at one place.

And now they’re adding the same thing for Facebook Messenger users. So basically their idea is to hold the teenage audience by having all features in one place.

The point is: if you don’t have any money making an idea, do focus on what’s already working. Try to make it more user-friendly, simple, and easily available.

2) Utilize Available Resources Smartly

You might have seen this image before, haven’t you?

Yes, that’s your second lesson.

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have… if you don’t know how to use them, it will never be enough.”


Facebook did the same. They used their own existing resources. They first copied Snapchat element in Instagram as Instagram Stories and now they’re bringing it to Facebook as well. However, Messenger Day is being tested in Poland currently, so now Facebook is utilizing their part of 1 billion messenger users from Poland and experimenting whether Messenger day works or not.

Basically, the idea is to understand and see how the audience reacts with Messenger Day and then take a step forward.

The best use of existing resources, isn’t it?

Now, it’s up to you. How will you, as an Entrepreneur, utilize your existing resources to grow your business?

1) We know that all the business owners are not developers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. And if you really want to grow your business, then without wasting time, start looking for a mobile app development company and discuss your business idea and define the roadmap for your expectation.

2) If you want to run things by your own, focus on your niche. Observe. Observe – what’s doing best in the industry, and try to improve it. Plus, use your resources precisely. Let your money make more money.

Let’s assume that you can make better Snapchat clone app than Facebook and you think the perfect Snapchat clone has not yet been built, then there’s actually a Clone Script available for Snapchat, you can use this script you make it your own Snapchat app.

Bottom line is, you don’t have to have a unique idea to grow your business. Just observe around the community, try to find flaws in current products and figure out how you can simplify them.


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