Facetime In iOS 6 Has Endless Possibilities for iPhone and iPad Applications

Apple raises the bar of innovation and connectivity with the introduction of updated feature of Facetime in iOS 6. Indeed, this feature helps to bring people close to each other through video calling, meaning looking and talking at the same time. Facetime allows its users to make and receive video calls to and from friends, relatives, business colleagues, and loved ones located across the globe.

Video chat through Facetime in iOS 6 is a great source of fun, excitement, and profession. Apple’s video calling technique to cellular networks is amazing and majority of its lovers are hoping that they will not have to pay extra to cellular network companies in order to have an access to Facetime over 3G. However, people are already familiar with the video calls through Google (G+) and Microsoft (Skype). But, people are expecting innovation, simplicity, and humbleness from the Apple as it has shown in the past and really desirous to enjoy Facetime without paying extra charges for it to cellular networks. It will be great for Apple to escalate its iWorld of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users by giving them more and more free excitements and huge business opportunities.

Is your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch compatible with Facetime feature of iOS 6?

It is imperative to have following Apple’s devices to make and receive Facetime call request:

  • An iPhone 4
  • A Mac with Wi-Fi connection
  • An iPad 2
  • A 4th generation iPod Touch

All above Apple’s devices and their latest versions are equipped with technical specification that does support Facetime application completely.

Important Steps before making a call using Facetime:

  1. Before starting a call using Face Time, you must take into consideration the following factors:
  2. Face Time application is supported by the country or region of the recipient.
  3. You must have other person’s phone number and email address you would like to call. Phone number is essential for the call on iPhone while there is requirement of email address if other person has an iPod touch, Mac with a Wi-Fi network connection, or an iPad 2. With the introduction of iOS 6, Face Time feature is getting more interesting and facilitative. Now you can make and receive Face Time calls on your iPad using your phone number as well. Hence, it gives you a big facilitation to get in touch with your loved ones and business partners through Face Time wherever you are and whatever Apple device you have.
  4. Add your friend and family member in your Face Time contact list before you start a video call with him or her.

These days a rumor is spread in the technology world that the use of cellular Face Time over 3G will cost you extra. But, authorities did not confirm it yet. According to AT&T’s CEO, “it’s too early to talk about pricing.”

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