Have Face Swap App Idea? Check These 5 Powerful Features of the Best Face Swap Applications


This post includes information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. Let’s walk through a few powerful features from the best face swap applications to consider during face swap app development.

The emergence of face swap apps helps people to take their photo editing-game to the next level. Well, in the age of social media, face swap apps make the photo editing process easier. Photo editing can be done in many ways, however, face swapping has become one of the common and popular among users. Without any professional editing skills, photo editing apps make the editing process easier and fun for users. On account of this, such face swap apps have gained huge popularity.


Talking about the face swapping mobile applications, then such photo-editing app category has also become the new trend on social media. Before moving forward, let’s briefly let you know about the face swapping app.

Face Swap App

Fundamentally, face swap app allows users to interchange their faces with other ones in the photograph, resulting in hilarious pictures. Well, basically, it is all about the way to have fun for photo swap app users.


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Source: Google Play

An app for face swap lets users switch faces with friends or photos in real-time. It also enables users to record videos or photos of themselves swapping faces with celebrities or friends. They can capture fun pictures from the internet.

Now, moving forward! In this post, we’ve broken a few powerful features of the best face swap applications. Let’s take a look!

5 Powerful Features Tech Startups Need to Check Out Before Developing One of the Best Face Swap Apps

1. Allows Users to Swap Faces with their Friends in Real-time

Photo editing can be done in different ways. Interchanging faces is one of the ways, which is on trend. So, one of the core features is all about – allowing face swap users to do swapping with your friends. This feature must be easy-to-use so that user of any age group can do a face swap.


Image Credits: face swap
Source: Google Play

To build this feature, it is important to have a powerful engine at the backend in order to run flawlessly. Talking about the technologies, we build this feature using Google Cloud Vision API, which provides powerful image analytics. This tool allows to easily integrate vision detection features with apps, including image labeling, face, and landmark detection, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Technology we use: Google Cloud Vision API

2. Record Videos With Face Swapped

The next important feature is to record videos with face swapped in the recorded videos. Your app users can create videos with face swapped and hilarious videos.


Image Credits: face swap live
Source: Google Play

If you are looking forward to creating a face swap app like MSQRD or Face Swap Live, then the Google Cloud Vision API is the technology, which is being used by face swap apps for recognition of the face, based on X, Y and Z coordinates programming. Well, it is one of the powerful features, which is highly recommended to include during face swap app development.

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3. A Wide Range of Cool Photo Filters & Masks to Solo Selfies

Apart from the face swapping in real photos, it is time to include some cool photo filters in order to allow your users to add fun and excitement into selfies. You can also integrate different animation masks to add oomph in their solo selfies.


Image Credits: MSQRD
Source: Google Play

If you are all set to ready to develop the best face swap app like MSQRD, then make sure to integrate such a feature to grab attention to more users.

4. Allows to Transform in Multiple Ways like Looking Younger & Older

An ideal face swap embraces all features that can make users engage. However, to retain your customers for long, you need to integrate different feature, which allows users to add a beautiful smile, younger, older, more attractive, and change gender.


Image Credits: techwiser

While creating photo swap apps like Face App, you need to integrate such features, which allow them to do a lot of experiments with their photos in terms of looking younger, older, smile or without a smile.

5. Allows to Share on Different Social Media Platforms

One of the powerful features is to allow your users to share their edited pictures and videos to different social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.


Image Credits: faceapp
Source: Google Play

This is one of the most common yet powerful features to consider in photo editing apps. This is due to the fact that it is important to allow your users to share their creativity on multiple social media platforms.

After features, before we move to the conclusion, we would also like to share this post where we have mentioned the top features of FaceTune photo editing app.

Have You Ever Thought of Creating Face Swap App like MSQRD?

If you have ever thought of creating a face swap app like MSQRD, then you as a tech startup can integrate such powerful features during face swap app development.

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