How to Establish Successful Photo Editing Apps Like Canva & Pixlr?

With the increasing craze of photography, the demand for high-end photo editing apps and tools is growing exponentially. Every single day, more than 350 million Facebook photos and 95 million Instagram photos are shared.

Today,  68% of adults worldwide are editing their images before sharing them on a social media platform. There are various photo editing apps that come with required photo editing tools like filters, brightness, cropping, and vignette, but people want beyond it that help them in making beautiful posters, invitations, cards, website graphics or multiple-page presentations.

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Canva, an Australian provider of graphic design software as a service, is topping the list when it comes to choosing the right photo editor that delivers multiple services.

Recently, Canva has become the world’s latest unicorn, raising a $40 million Series C. However, the last raise of the company was $15 million Series B that announced approximately a year ago. The latest round has valued the company at US$1B, and it saw the participation of Sequoia China, Blackbird Ventures and Felicis Ventures.

Looking at another report from TechCrunch, the app has raised another $70 million to expand its graphic design platform. This round of funding values the company at a massive $2.5 billion, bringing its total raised to $166 million.

Why Canva is a Successful Photo Editing App

You might have a question in your mind – why Canva is the most popular photo editing app? Right? Because Canva is a web-based design application that is developed with the aim to make graphics designing easier for both novice and professional designers. The app comes with a range of features to stack images and texts together that users were expecting from other picture editing tools.


Moreover, it has a lot of icons, fonts, layouts, grids, and illustrations to choose from. Along with the freemium model, it does have premium elements that can be purchased for $1 each, and Canva for work subscription provides bonus features like stacking designs into different folders, collaborating and uploading images.


One of the best things about this photo editing app like Canva is that it is a lot easier to use for the people, who do not have any editing or designing skills. Overall, it is a great photo editing software that loved by its users across the world. Now, let’s check what makes this application stands-out from other photo editing apps.

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Developing a successful photo editing app like Canva is not an overnight thing. The team behind Canva has worked extremely hard and delivered what its users want. They have constantly improved their application with useful features and updates to suffice their end-users needs. Canva is solving problems of people that they are facing while designing and editing images and posters. If you also want to create an app like Canva, make sure to authenticate your idea with any leading iPhone app development company. Know whether your idea is solving a real-life problem of your targeted audience or not.

What Makes Canva App Stand Out From Other Photo Editing Apps?

You might be aware of all the popular photo editing apps like Snapseed, VSCO, Pixlr, and Afterlight. Nevertheless, Canva comes with some of the essential attributes that make this app stands-out.

Along with image editor app, it delivers many other services like beautiful designs for work & school, designing a wedding invitation using ready-made templates and photo grids created by professional designers. Apart from this, Canva allows users to enjoy a number of features like:

  1. Create Beautiful Design Anywhere

    Today, Canva has made designing and photo editing a lot easier yet simpler. As this powerful tool allows users to create wonderful banners, presentations, social media graphics, menu and wedding cards without any designing experience or skills.


    Image Source: Canva

    It only takes 23 seconds to learn, according to the official website of Canva, and it comes with easy-to-use templates for newbies while enabling more experienced designers to customize their creations with advanced tools.

  2. More than 3 Million Images to Choose From

    Canva is the first app for photo edit that comes with more than 3 million images to choose from. The application has its own library of 3+ million images, so users can choose and design with hundreds of free elements and fonts.  canva-image-02

    Image Source: Canva

    According to their needs, users can edit their picture with different elements and can easily share it with friends, blog or any social media platform. Moreover, they can directly upload images from their device’s gallery to their designs or take photos on the go in the app.

  3. Pricing

    Talking about the price of the Canva app Android, users will have a profitable deal with it because the application is free. Yes, you read it right, users can use every single Canva template for free.

    The only time when users have to pay is when they decide to use one or more of the premium images that are available for $1 per image. Apart from these paid images, there are tons of free images that you can use as per your need.

  4. Something for Everyone

    Canva app Android is the first choice of people whenever they want to edit any picture, design logo, make presentations, choose templates for blogs or any other purpose.

    Because Canva has something for everyone whether the user is a small business owner, musician, teacher, student, non-profit organization, social media manager, real estate agent or anyone sitting at home.

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    Using Canva, people can create attractive images and edit photos and use it for their business purpose like they have a team of professional designers.

  5. Share & Publish

    After editing your photos, you can directly share them on your favorite social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.


    Image Source: Canva

    No matter whether you are designing any image or customizing any template for your business purpose, you can directly publish it on your website or you can save it to your device and share it through email, text, and WhatsApp. With Canva app, sharing and publishing directly is a lot easier for any novice as well.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Canva?

To give the basic estimation of an app like Canva, we contacted one of our business analyst, who spent 2 to 3 hrs to craft the essential features of an ideal photo editing app like Canva. Here are the basic features of any photo editing app:


The basic cost to build successful photo editing app like Canva with the following features is around $14,200. If you want to get the exact amount, let’s talk. Tell us what features do you require in your picture editing app, our dedicated sales team will give you the exact development cost and help you bring your ideas into life. It won’t cost you a single penny, of course. The consultation is totally free.

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