Enterprise Mobility in the M-commerce business

Enterprise Mobility in the M-commerce business

Improving your M-commerce Business through Enterprise Mobility

Improving your M-commerce Business through Enterprise Mobility

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce for short, refers to performing trade-related activities through a mobile phone. With the boom in the smartphone and tablet markets, the m-commerce industry has scaled new heights of achievements. M-commerce can be found in almost every industry and in most places around the world.

Enterprise mobility is a holistic solution to a company’s mobilization needs—including the capability to offer M-commerce. This makes the two a perfect combination for a successful business venture.

If you aren’t sure if M-commerce will work for you, look at the following examples of how other businesses are using it to their advantage. In doing so, we are sure you will agree that taking your business in this direction is the right move for you.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

Digital marketing / solutions for m-commerce:

Digital marketing applications and initiatives use mobile platforms to enhance a company or product’s presence in the market. They also help increase sales and reduce costs of doing business.

Other mobile solutions:

Retail applications facilitate the consumer’s experience of buying products using their mobile phones. These applications can include creative features like QR code, location awareness, augmented reality, shopping carts, reviews, mobile gift cards, and customer loyalty rewards. Other features include:

  • Detailed product catalogue viewing.
  • Mobile gift card.
  • Mobile coupon collection/wallet.

Solutions for sale and distribution

Sale and distribution applications enable companies to manage field sales and distribution issues efficiently. A company with an online presence uses their mobile platform to sell their products online, provide better customer care, and can respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Other solutions include:

  • Store management dashboards to help keep track of every update.
  • Catalogues available in high resolution.
  • Virtual information “desks”.
  • M-sales for field sales: forces to collaborate with each other on the go.

Managing Customer Relationships

Managing and building strong customer relationships is another benefit of enterprise mobile applications. Our team can develop and redesign your mobile and IT strategies in order to give the customer a fresh, innovative, and satisfying experience when they visit your site.

Enterprise Mobile Partners

Once you have decided that you need to integrate your m-commerce activities with enterprise mobile apps, the next step is to choose a reliable enterprise mobility technology partner. Make sure you choose one that understands the importance of end to end security, and designs feasible mobile enterprise architecture for you.

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