Enterprise Mobility for Media: An Important Dimension to Reckon With


In a recent interview with J Rajagopal, EVP and Head, TCS’ Global Consulting Practice, Ken Dulaney Vice president and Analyst, Gartner Research said:

“The increased sophistication and speed of the new networks will also challenge the way software is created, packaged, and consumed. Software developers now have access to new delivery models for their applications, resulting in a plethora of choices for end users about how best to optimize their computing infrastructure to meet their business requirements…. With higher broadband availability, we are also likely to see broadcast media and Internet media come together in the future. This might mean that all of the radio stations in your car are Internet radio, not broadcast radio. You will be able to receive any broadcast from anywhere in
the world, regardless of the station’s location.”

These words from an expert and industry veteran speak volumes about why media industry should care about enterprise mobility solutions for media. However, while implementing mobility solutions for the media face some acute questions. And, those questions need to be addressed in the backdrop of Gartner’s recent prediction that

By 2016, 20% of enterprise bring your own device (BYOD) programs will fail due to enterprise deployment of mobile device management (MDM) measures that are too restrictive.

Some of the questions may include but not limited to following:

  • While implementing enterprise mobility for media, is it possible to reduce human resources and maximize revenue streams?
  • How to implement mobile device management measures to effectively control enterprise mobility in media?
  • What should be the master strategy to integrate newer mobility solutions with the older system of business?

In order to address these issues effectively, media industries should partner with efficient technology partners such as Space-O. Such companies can help address such issues effectively by offering services such as following:

  • Integration of mobility solutions with present business system
  • Several key asset management and mobile device management services
  • SOA based industry standard infrastructure

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Following are some of the most obvious benefits of such enterprise mobility for media:

  • Reduces operating costs for content preparation and distribution
  • Removes costs related to physical media storage and simplifies operations of library
  • Acts as a single point to connect within industry and therefore facilitates smooth operation of content distribution across the industry

Going by the words of Ken Dulaney and the reality of everyday life, there is little doubt that media has to deliver the content faster and quicker like it never has to before. In order to address this enormous demand of quick content, employees working to deliver that content need to be mobile and flexible. Only consumer applications by media industry do not work. Those who prepare that content to be dished out via those consumer applications also have to be freed from the clutches of cubicle and desktops. This has to be a multi-pronged approach and enterprise mobility solutions for media are part of this approach.

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