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Mobiles have always been an important part of businesses and personal lives too. But with the innovative usage of mobiles; especially mobile apps, business strategies are taking a new turn towards freedom, flexibility and great work. Beyond the chitchats of smartphones comes the usability of smart apps created to cater to the specific needs of certain firms. Slowly and steadily there is an awakening of senses, “Enterprise Mobility”, that catch signals of growth, amongst professionals and intelligent apps are sending such signals over.

Why is Enterprise Mobility growing at the speed of light?

Availability and Accessibility of Smartphones: It is an established fact that Smartphones are now becoming a commonality between all countries and cultures. In that case there is barely any need for the enterprise to provide their staff with devices to establish enterprise mobility. A the same time with the same device, the employee can keep his professional and personal life, a touch away and in his control.

Travelling and Holidays: The new generation professionals are not only business focused but also on personal lives. Which means that there will be days when he/she won’t be in the office. In that case if some urgent work needs to be done then the personnel can simply open the app made by the company and be in touch with his task, guide his juniors or co-workers about it and also do some of it himself, if possible. This kind of clarity is only possible due to business apps.

A System for official Communication: With an app like the one mentioned above is created, a formal way of communication is decided and followed. There are written proofs of everything said. This makes people conscious of making mistakes at the same time helps communication to happen smoothly.

Expand mobility to the extended enterprise: Mobility is about is about transforming business processes across the enterprise of employees, partners, contractor, consultants and customers. Only when apps and data stored in these apps, can be protected and managed, can organizations broaden support to the entire enterprise and truly harvest the benefits of mobility.

Impact on ROI

Not only does apps like this effect the company and its employees, but that kind of efficiency, from your side, shows in productivity and return on investment (ROI). The ROI does not only come in the monetary form but also in the form of more inquiries, word of mouth publicity, employees’ loyalty and customer satisfaction. To achieve all of that, making an app is a small and one time investment.

According to TechTarget, “The majority of enterprises see payback in end-user productivity, business efficiency, and overall effectiveness in as little as 6-12 months. Almost immediately, users achieve from 27 to 30% improvement in productivity, operating expenses are reduced via lower MAC and reduced mistake resolution costs, and the business achieves higher improved customer satisfaction, enhanced business capability, and improved flexibility and agility.”

User experience triumphs everywhere and that ultimately affects the ROI. Below figure shows the ranking of mobile apps’ ROI based on their types.

Make Your Own App

You may find many apps in the play store or app store, which may look like they will serve your purposes However, these apps may have one feature and not others. Which means that you will be lacking one or the other important feature n apps downloaded. If you make custom made apps then all the features and functions needed can be provided. Tailor and design your app according to your requirement.

What are the things to keep in mind once the apps are made?

Make sure it is Adopted and Understood: It is possible that due to company’s insistence, the employees may download the app but do not or cannot use it. Make sure proper training is given to them on how to use this app, what are its functions and in which fields can it be used. This app should not make the employees feel lost and dumb and therefore such a training session is of utmost importance.

Simple and Beneficial: Instead of making the app too complex for its use, make it plain and simple and clear. Once it comes to your notice that a certain issue has arisen in a function of the app or glitch has been found, make sure it is removed and the necessary upgradations are made in the app to make it more user efficient.

Use It Yourself: You may be the chairman, CEO, MD, GM of the office and more… but this app and its usage rules should apply to you as well. If you do not use the app yourselves, then you can not expect the staff to take this app seriously as well.

Not Always Work: An employee, on an average, works for 9-10 hours a day in a corporate environment, and if need be even more,. But in those hours it is impossible to not need distractions or breaks. In that case you may even allow this app to have games. Once the project is submitted in time, the employee can play games or watch videos for a few minutes to relax. This will increase their interest in the app and also make them more efficient and workaholic.

Custom Made Apps, By Space-O, For Specific Industries

Connect is an app, specifically made for the Event Management Industry. Its key features include inviting people for an event, talking to them before/after or during the event, getting a notification if anyone registers with the same interest, getting registered easily etc. Since its launch, there have been many changes made to suit its purpose such as; adding user Profile Picture option and adding business Logo option. Users can now login with LinkedIn also.
Connect_App_reviewsReviews by Connect Users

Emergo App was created for the Medical Industry. This app is a reference tool for medical device Regulatory Affairs (RA). This app assists companies with global regulatory strategy, device registration, quality management system compliance, clinical trial consulting and distributor qualification.

Your business can flourish, but for that you need to move on and open your mind towards new possibilities. Enterprise Mobility is the new way of running a firm and this is where mobile developing companies such as Space-O come in. We make apps, that add value to your business and make it flourish.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach us and share your ideas.


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