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The world of mobile apps now sweeping the market. Even now, it’s not necessary that you’ve to be a part of an e-commerce business or be a company that wants to develop a mobile application.

The survey by Gartner’s identifies, “CIOs have consistently ranked “mobile technologies” as one of their top 3 priorities for the past three years. This is likely fueled by employees demanding mobile access to desktop applications, and customers expecting optimized mobile device access to a wealth of services.”

Reasons Why We Think Enterprise Mobility Is Skyrocketing

  • Availability and Accessibility of Smartphones:
    At the same time with the same device, the employee can keep his professional and personal life, a touch away and in his control.
  • Being Mobile (Literally):
    If some urgent work needs to be done, while not at the workplace, then the personnel can simply open the app made by the company and be in touch with his task.
  • A System for Official Communication:
    With an app, a formal way of communication can be followed and there will be written proofs about everything said, in case of discrepancy.
  • Expand Mobility to the Extended Enterprise:
    Only when data is stored in these apps, can it be protected and managed and organizations can broaden support to the entire enterprise and truly harvest its benefits.

This being said and done, here are a few things important to mobile enterprises, that should be considered while making the choice of whether or not to use apps to give a boost to the company.

Few Things Important To Mobile Enterprises

  • Lead the Market With the Help of Apps:
    In this competition between firms, each and every company is trying to make space for employees, who can use their own devices; mobiles, iPads, etc. to work from everywhere. In that case, you must not only search for apps that do the work you want them to do but also create a customized app, that can suffice all the needs you want it to. If you do not step up and act soon, it is possible that you may fall behind as compared to other, competitor enterprises.
  • Apps As Per Requirement and not Number:
    A lot of people feel happy that they have created an app, to help their employees and the company itself. But does it really matter whether you have made an app or two? No what really matters is that whether this app of yours is helping the employees in completing all of their work, while commuting or while being at home. If not, then this app is only of partial help to you. What is important is that you need to make as many apps as necessary to get the full benefit of moving in towards enterprise mobility.
  • Combining Apps for better performance:
    Now comes the time when not only will the companies create apps to increase their employee’s comfort level but also to let the profit of the company go sky high. For eg. they can make an app for communication and then integrate google drive or Dropbox to it so that they can save or store the data that got transferred or was communicated using the made app in the google drive or in Dropbox.

Industries That Are Not New Anymore For Adopting Mobility

No industry is too big, too small or too weird for making an app whether it be the utilities, financial, retailers, yoga or the healthcare industry.

Here are a few other areas that are now app friendly.

  • Finance/Sales:
    The sales team needs to keep a collection of the humongous amount of data, especially in numbers. These data get confusing, big and difficult to maintain. But if an app is created that can make the calculations simple and add extra features to it too, and turning your sales excel sheets into an app. This technology is truly revolutionizing the financial industry with mobility technology.

    • For example: XLApp: An app that converts your excel data into an app. Whether you want to create an app for to count energy consumption or an app that does your business counting for you; this app makes it all. This app has made it easier for businesses to create apps of their own accord.
  • Event Management:
    You have heard it right! An app that can make managing your event simpler. These are the apps using which you can make and send invites, keep a track of checklists and the to-do list. Obviously, with your imagination, this app can become even better.

    • For example: Connect: Connect is an app, specifically made for the Event Management Industry. Its key features include inviting people for an event, talking to them before/after or during the event, getting a notification if anyone registers with the same interest, getting registered easily etc. Since its launch, there have been many changes made to suit its purpose such as; adding user Profile Picture option and adding business Logo option. Users can now login with LinkedIn also.
  • Banking Sectors:
    Mobility is transforming the banking sectors by reaching the underbanked demographic people. The technology in this field has evolved rapidly over the last years. A survey noted that around 95% of all of its transactions now occur outside of its branches.

    • For example: Which bank have you an account in? Do you have the time to visit your bank every time a little work needs to be done? If not then you will definitely be aware of the apps that these banks make to avail services over the phone. Net banking was already available to the consumers, however, soon they realized the importance of smartphone apps and now we have our bank come home.
  • E-Learning:
    Schools have been relying on books and computers in class for years. But with the new technology and e-learning solutions, the cost of textbooks each year are being reduced potentially. The education industry is making a big leap by apps like student testing, coaching apps, learning management apps and other educational apps.

    • For example: i-School: According to iTunes, “This is an English version of a famous Russian study organizer (for schools and universities).” This is an app that allows you plan your Study schedule, allows you to attach notes to classes, reminds you of homework with notifications, shows you your grades and grades analytic.
  • Corporate:
    Each firm needs to keep the track record of each employee. Which they do by generally noting things down about the staff in a word document or in an excel sheet. However, this becomes a tedious work. With the help of an app, well-thought out and well-designed, one can keep the data and records of each employee stored and also make it easily accessible and legible. An app to maintain each employee’s KRA (Key Result Area). This can help the firm in deciding about the increment of each staff member can help to understand the capability and capacity of the employee.

    • For example: SharePlus: An app that brings mobility to your SharePoint experience. It allows staying productive even on the go ensuring your corporate data remains secure and accessible anywhere. This native app provides best user experience connecting to several SharePoint platforms.

Trends that have shaped Enterprise Mobility to What it is Now!

BYOD to WYOD and now to BYOD Again:
While it took time for firms to travel from (BYOD) Bring your own device to (CYOD) choose your own device to (COPE) Corporate Owned Personally Enabled devices, enterprise mobility is now standing on the edge of growth itself, with the entry of WYOD; wear your own device. However, from this edge, the journey has taken a U-Turn and returned to favor BYOD as the best way of balancing the personal and the professional planes. That’s the fact that during the journey from BYOD to WYOD, enterprise mobility has matured over time.

Microsoft opening up to other platforms as well:
While Microsoft had tied up with Nokia for a few years now, it has now opened its wings to take under it the other OS as well, especially iOS, making enterprise mobility reach a different level altogether.

Wearables to be accepted faster by enterprises:
According to a survey enterprise, are expected to accept wearables much faster as compared to the other phenomenon. According to MobileForce, “…a recent Frost and Sullivan reported enterprises will embrace wearables at a much faster rate – 75 percent year-over-year from 2014 to 2018.”

The App for Notifications:
With most industries and personnel using more than one app for communication; formal and informal, and other business-related reasons, answering notifications from one platform can be a boon. An app that can basically become a center where all the notifications can be compiled and answered to, without opening the concerned app. Well, people actually aren’t wrong in saying, “The future is here.”

Wrapping Up

Mobile app technologies play now a vital role in providing solutions to modern enterprises. Their effects are observed in almost all industries proving it a key player in boosting business process. However, the success of this technology depends on the identification of business requirements as well as the technology selection.

But now we’ll be no sooner surprised with the inclusion of mobility technologies with any of the business say it a small or big and Enterprise Mobility will be a new business strategy.

Be ready to embrace innovations. Decide where will you take your business.


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