Electric Bike Sharing App Development: Important Checklist from Wheels App for E-Bikes Startups


This blog includes information for mobility startups and entrepreneurs. Let’s walk through a few important checklists from Wheels, which you can consider during electric bike sharing app development.

The terms electric bikes and e-scooters are surely not at all new for everyone. Bike and scooter startups are raising their record levels of investments and they are responsible to disrupt the traditional mobility ecosystem.

Before moving ahead, let’s briefly talk about the goliaths of dockless ride-sharing, which are making waves from the past few years.

E-Scooter Tech Startups – Bird, Lime & Spin

If we’re talking about the e-scooter Goliaths named Bird, Lime, and Spin have already stolen the limelight in the previous year. These US scooter startups are growing at a faster pace. And, in a short span of time, these electric bike sharing startups have managed to make waves in the arena of sharing economy.


On the other hand, the e-bike sharing company, Ofo, has created a buzz in the on-demand bike-sharing economy due to providing transportation services to commute.

Ofo – Bike-Sharing Tech Startup

With the total funding amount of $2.2B, Ofo, the bike-sharing startup provides the ride-sharing platform in terms of an app. And, allowing riders/users to book nearby e-bikes with a few taps. This unicorn company, Ofo, has secured $866M in Series F round of funding on March 2018, led by Alibaba Group.


Based on the same concept, there is an electric bike sharing startup named as Wheels by the founders of Wag. Wag is a famous pet care company that provides on-demand dog walking platform via a mobile app. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Wheels is the Viner brothers’ new electric bike-share startup, which has announced $37M in funding from Tenaya Capital, Bullpen Capital, Naval Ravikant and others.”

Wheels: Electric Bike-Sharing App

Launched in 1939 as the world’s first automotive fleet management company, Wheels is now one of the largest privately-held companies in North America.

Well, Wheels is joining the marathon of bike sharing like Uber’s Jump and Lyft’s Motivate in competing for the bike-share market. Wheels company claims to be different than other e-bikes due to its modular design, which is different.


Image Source: Wheels

Important Checklist from Wheels App to Consider During Electric Bike-Sharing App Development

1. Identify The Major Market Opportunities

To be successful in e-scooter business, you need to be continually innovating and looking for opportunities to grow your business. When you target potential customers or audience, then you need to listen to your targeted audience and their needs, wants, challenges, and frustrations of the industry. What users or customers have been facing for the past few years in the services in which you want to involve with.


Image Source: Wheels

If you want to emerge as a mobility startup like Wheels, then you need to identify the major opportunities for your business, which help you to grow in the industry. Don’t forget to do competitor analysis, it will help you to identify key business opportunities to expand your market research.

2. Sustainability-First Approach

When it comes to talking about sustainability, it simply means to meet the needs of your users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their requirements. Sustainability-first approach comes from the kind of future where people live for the next generations.


Image Source: smartcities

The advantage behind such approach is that individuals play a major role in developing in the current environmental and social circumstances. By considering this approach, the blend of today’s people and future generations can create solutions for better. If we’re taking an example of Wheels, it is based on sustainability approach in dockless electric mobility.

Developing a successful Electric Bike Sharing App like Wheels is not an overnight thing. The team behind Wheeks has worked extremely hard and delivered what its users want. They constantly work to improve their application with useful features and updates to suffice its end-users needs. If you also want to create an electric bike sharing app, make sure to authenticate your idea with any leading iPhone app development company.

3. Include a Slew of Useful Features

The next checklist, which you as a tech startup can’t miss to consider is to include common and useful features while developing an e-scooter app like Wheels. If you are planning to develop an electric bike-sharing app like Wheels, make sure to integrate a slew of common features. Here’re the main features that play an important role:

  • Search Nearby Bikes
  • GPS Real-time Tracking
  • Scan the Barcode on E-bike
  • Unlock the Electric bike
  • Lock The Bike
  • End the Ride


Image Source: Wheels

If you want to provide accuracy, convenience, and swiftness to your users, then you need to consider these features while developing an app like Uber for e-scooter, which must be convenient for people of every age group.

To Sum Up

There is no room for doubt in that the ride-sharing startups for short commute are taking off for green transportation. And, such method of commute makes transportation easier and more environmentally friendly.

If you are tech mobility startup and would like to dive into this niche of micro-mobility with an app idea on bike-sharing, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading iOS app development company and known as one of few custom electric bike sharing companies across the globe. And, we’ve already entertained a number of queries on on-demand electric bikes and e-scooters apps.

Being a mobility startup, if you are having a query or confusion regarding the cost of making an app like Ofo, Uber for e-scooter app development, how much does it cost for making apps for iPhone or on-demand e-scooter apps development, then all you just need to fill up our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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