Youngsters Used to Hate Maths Before They Tried This Super Simple Educational App

Math is one of the challenging subjects in school that is why owning a calculator seems like a necessity for the students.

Fortunately, Photomath has come up with the solution. PhotoMath is an app which utilizes your smartphone’s camera to instantly solve math problems.

What’s Newly Added to Photomath App?

Photomath disclosed it’s latest version 3.0 of its popular app on the iOS, holding a major new update that makes it much easier for a user of iOS to solve math-related query.

Earlier, an app was only able to read the text from the printed sheet, i.e. from textbooks; yet, the latest app now instantly identifies handwriting, so users can write out problems and hence, Photomath solve them by just pointing smartphone camera on paper.

PhotoMath app is freely available for both iOS and Windows Phone, and in addition to coming to Android, the app now supports inequalities, quadratic equations, and more. The app is much faster and the solution screen has been refurbished as well.

The update carries a new math expert system, Photomath+ which solves problems quickly and help users to solve query as a human would. This drives users through how to solve the problem themselves and useful guide step-by-step displaying colorful text. Such system seems to discuss the tension between having an app help you learn versus having an app do homework.

Photomath App

These advanced features are now available for iOS and will be soon coming to Android by the end of the month.

Back in January, it has solved 8 million math problems. Due to latest updates in Photomath app, it has increased the downloads from 11 million to 36 million times on iOS and Android. Also made it’s consistently one of the top 5 educational apps in the U.S. according to TechCrunch report. It is still free and should sound well to high school students who have a cheap Android phone.

Previously, PhotoMath worked only with the printed sheet or a textbook, but now with it’s updated version, it solves your handwritten math problems. This math app includes a “Steps” button that intelligently moves through the steps from the first equation to the ultimate answer.

Simply focus camera lens toward a math problem and Photomath will magically display the result with step-by-step detailed instructions.


For now, PhotoMath only handles math problems that cover decimal numbers, fractions, linear equations, and various functions like logarithms. The PhotoMath team said in future, they’ll be including support for more-advanced math equations.

Is It Really Improving the Education System?

These type of educational apps does not help children to learn but make them addicted to the app, and in return, it limits the child’s learning growth. Instead, educational apps should be such that helps students grow and learn the things with understanding.

The best educational apps are aimed at students of all ages to learn and practice concepts that are explained in an easier way. This may include puzzles, quizzes, etc.

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