The Changing Phase of eCommerce App and Fashion App Development


Smartphones and smartphone apps have very tightly been associated with the everyday life of everyone. In every field, in every area and in every arena, the influence of smartphones can be seen. One of those fields is is shopping or eCommerce.

It makes complete sense for the retail shop owners and small business owners to also go the ‘mobile-first way’ and paying attention to mobile commerce app development. On the other hand, the user’s have already shown their interest in shopping online or on an app, as it is in this case.

According to a report by Statista,

“131.4 million users will have made at least one purchase via mobile app on their mobile device in 2016.”

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Why do you need to go for an eCommerce App or Fashion App Design & Development?

In short, one needs a mobile app, to stay in trend and to follow the fashion. An eCommerce app makes it easy for the user’s and buyers to buy the fashion of their choice and liking and for the app makers to earn a fortune. The only platform they need is that of a native eCommerce application. In other words, this is the era of ‘fashion m-commerce apps development technology’.

As an entrepreneur, you might be tempted by a lot of web tools, that make it easy for you to convert your web data into an application. Also, for that matter, a developer may offer you to build an app in HTML5, one app code for all platforms. The one thing that measures like this is to produce an app that provides the worst user experience.

For example, imagine using Amazon or eBay websites from your phone. Definitely this won’t a pleasing experience to access such a huge website from a mobile phone and not being able to use the features that your smartphone provides you while using these favorite apps.

At the same time, try using the same through their natively built apps, which have tailored content for each device and provide a brilliant user experience and thereby increasing the apps’ user retention rate. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the success and fame that Amazon and eBay have achieved are a result of the native app they created.

The conversion rate or the buying rate of any eCommerce company completely depends on the app’s capacity to make the users interact with it. The mobile devices jelling with the core idea of the eCommerce business has succeeded for one reason and one reason only; the User Experience that a Native app provides, focusing the end users’ needs.

Conversion from your online store totally depends on how users interact with it. And mobile devices are undoubtedly complementing the shopping experience and therefore, it raises the importance of native eCommerce app development.

When we say, the changing phase of eCommerce app development and fashion apps development, it means the new twisty innovations that can be added or have been added to the existing apps.

Along with innovations, it is important that you provide useful features to your users, allowing them to access your eCommerce store without any hassle. This image highlights some important features of eCommerce application:


Now, let’s have a look at the innovative ideas that can be implemented in the app, for better user experience and stay ahead in the fashion industry.

Image Recognition Technology in eCommerce apps

The Fashion retailers or eCommerce industry has introduced a new feature to attract more customers and to increase the sales. While type searching does the trick pretty well, they introduced image recognition or image searching.

Any user who is interested in buying something can click a picture, of the product, with the brand name if required, and can search through that. When the match is found, based on the brand, material, color and a product itself, the results are shown and the user can favorite it or buy it.

Following this image recognition trend, Europe’s largest retailer Zalando, has decided upon following this recent trend and has been testing its new image recognition feature in the German market. The testing allows users to click images of people, and get recommendations for similar clothes.

Flow, an app by Amazon, is specially created for this very purpose. It allows one to points the camera towards; Book covers, Video games, DVDs & CDs, Packaged goods like games and toys, A box of cereal, UPC barcodes, QR codes, Phone numbers & web addresses and Business cards. When an image is clicked, one can search them on Amazon and find the product of their liking.

asap54Asap54 has taken a step forward, by offering the image recognition technology combined with social networking features. It has also changed the range of products or items that it allows you search. Whatever image you click, whether it is a branded or designer bag or a sapling. The search result is perfect showing the exact match. The match is found based on the pattern, print, palette and others.

While image recognition is a costly business, only the biggest retailers can afford to use it. The others use an alternative system such as barcode scanning.

Location-based mobile marketing for retail business

location-based-appIf your shop has not reached the Amazon level, it makes sense to develop an eCommerce app and make an app like Amazon, so that using the power of mobile and mobility your growth becomes assured. With an app of this sort, one of the benefits you get is that of the ‘Location Based Services.’ This service will help you in roping in customers to your shop.

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ibeaconsGPS and Beacons technology have motivated the customers to go in-store purchasing from online shopping. iBeacon is a huge potential and even though it takes a great talent to associate your app with the iBeacon, ignoring the power of iBeacon can be a mistake that costs. Using the technology of this sort can leverage the facilities that your shop provides, earning enough to be the next Amazon.

Moving from Typical Search to Visual Search

dondeDonde, an Israel based startup, that deals in fashion, has started building an e-commerce product using the mobile platform. This application has chosen the visual search medium to rely on. The search, therefore, responses based on the color, neckline, pattern, length (in case of a dress) to define the dress style and pattern you may want to wear. The choices given by Donde are displayed visually making it easy to choose from.

Our Takeaways!

If you think about it from the sales perspective, there may be many ways in which one can make their businesses grow. To think of it that way, most users still prefer going to the shop for fashion related shopping. However, if the trust is built and the user is satisfied with the services and the quality, it can transform the way they shop for fashion.

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