Eat, Drink and Make Lots of Green Bucks with Flappy Bird Re-skinning

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Well, somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain. Not exactly pleasant, but definitely true and beneficial to those for whom it is true! To set to re-skin Flappy Bird game which has been withdrawn by its developers for reasons as moralistic as they could be too good to believe, is to belong to this proverbial loss-game dictum.

How? Simple – buy the source code, or better still, make companies like Space-O work for you right from procuring the source code for this popular game, clone it, market it, and bring lots of money in your pocket. Isn’t that too simple? It is, and you better keep in mind that doing simple things are not always that hard. It is just perceived to be hard.

So, why should you think to re-skin Flappy Bird? Let us understand psychological reasons to do so.

When the developer Dong Nguyen withdrew the most popular game from App Store and Google Play Service, he gave the reason of game’s being too addictive for the users. So, it is very clear that when the game was withdrawn, consumers certainly felt “deprived” from their compulsive addiction. There was indeed a vacuum created by the sudden withdrawal of this game and needless to say that that is where great business opportunity lies in for Flabby bird re-skinning. Great market demand that is quite visible and you do not have to even research your market. What more you need to be convinced that this is the product you must cash in on if you want to make it big in the world of mobile application development.

Some of the Flabby Bird like games in App store

Let us have a look at some of the most popular games that have arrived in the market as a result of Flappy Bird re-skinning.

First Person Flappy, Flappo Bird, Flappy Bird Typing Tutor, Ninja Flop among many others. Almost all of these different versions of Flappy Bird change the characters and some of the activities while maintaining the level of difficulty of Flappy Bird. To re-skin Flappy Bird for the developers of these games is to engage more and more users, give them the same type of user experience with some new elements into it and make more money out of re-skinning Flappy game.

So, aren’t you too tempted to take this opportunity seriously?

It is also indeed true that truth is stranger than fiction. In case of Flappy Bird which enjoyed only 28 days fame but a fame that has actually made thousands others to aspire for the same is by no means an ordinary thing.

But, when there are thousands who aspire to make it like Flappy Bird, one needs to be careful in re-skinning Flappy Bird. There are thousands of re-skinned Flappy Bird apps on App store, but they fail on many counts such as:

  • Obtrusive graphics
  • Loose user controls
  • Malware
  • Redundant power-ups
  • Inapt in-app purchases

In order to not to get caught in these unnecessary hindrances in your road to success and money, you need to partner with technology firm like Space-O.

Space-O has given most precise and convincing reasons why it is the best choice in your endeavors to re-skin Flappy Bird.

Contact us right now, and let us ride on Flappy Bird re-skinning wave together happily and successfully.


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