Three Easy Steps To Build A Web Page For Your iPhone App

To set up a web page for an app on your own website is very easy and it becomes imperative after you’ve submitted your app to the app store. This is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. This is similar to displaying the description and screenshots you submitted for the app on the app store.

1. Collect Screenshots: Initially, people come to know your app only through the descriptions and screenshots that you publish to introduce it unless you make your app free for the public. The app store allows you only 5 screenshots to put on. Therefore, if you desire more, put all of them on your web page where you have complete freedom on numbers.

A JavaScript lightbox feature will be a good addition for your web page because it’ll let your screenshots to pop over the page content. For example: fancy zoom, PrettyPhoto (uses jQuery)

2. Make Informative Videos: Next, a demo video of your app gives a clear idea to your target audience about the app and motivates them to purchase it. It also gives positive results when your app is complex or heavy budget based.

  • Use video camera: you can use your video camera to make an impressive video that describes your app in true sense.
  • Use a screen capture tool: Screen capture tool such as Screen Flow, Snapz Pro, and more helps to record app while you run it in the Xcode. This is another amazing option that allows you to make an impressive video of your app.
  • Use iMovie: iMovie can be a great help for editing your recording and adding effects to it.

3. Astute linking to your app: Once your app gets the part of app store, you can utilize following options and links to market your app.

  • Get your URL: you can get URL for your app via control-clicking on the app name in iTunes. Below image will show you how it will look like:

Example of URL:

  • Get your App ID: Apple will send your App ID through email titled “Your application status is Ready for Sale” and description would be like this:

Application Apple ID: YOURAPPID

  • Get your App Store Badges: Apple also gives you an authorized and legal badge named “Available on the iPhone App Store” that gives direct access to your app buyers to App store. Moreover, you can put this badge anywhere. The only condition is, you will have to become an authorized licensee with sending in their licensing agreements. After that, you become the legal user of this image.
AppStore Logo

How to earn 5% extra on your App sales?

Yes, this is possible through affiliate linking. This is very simple. Once you are approved, you can easily create affiliate links in the Linkshare by adding those to your app page. You earn 5 percent of the sales price when somebody clicks on the link and buys your app.


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