Is it Possible to Earn Real Money by Developing a Video Meme App Now?

Developing a Video Meme App

Jake Ferrin and Chris Weinberger, the two friends were playing lacrosse at BYU and referencing movies and YouTube videos in their digital conversations. Suddenly, their minds have popped up with an idea for A Video Meme Maker App.

Jake Ferrin says, “How we talked was in quoting videos.”

Initially, they decided to develop a website and application that enable users to search for the videos, trim them, after that, share it in conversations.

But, this application ran into a barrier with Apple’s App Store, as it included downloading content to permit for the video trimming feature. However, it still allows videos to trim on the web.

We are talking about Video Memes, But What Actually Memes Are?

According to the internet definition, Memes are an image, action, idea or style that gone viral throughout the internet.

Moreover, these replications are a mimicry or spoof of what actually they were at the initial stage and attempt to reproduce the basic concept, however, enables to change to make it more relevant or we can say, funnier to whatever, audience is looking.

Get back to the Video Meme Creator App

Don’t panic more because a newly launched application, A Video Meme App, enables to trim videos with ease. Users can search videos, add their own captions and then, share to the social networks. No more own video editing required.

Users don’t have to create any account to use this video meme maker app. When users launched this app for the first time, they find a feed of featured videos, which is an editorially selected group of 20+ clips with captions to see and share immediately. This application creates video meme maker with no watermark, isn’t it interesting?

How to Create Video Meme?

Search out the video you like the most and add your own caption then share it to different social networks like iMessage or Messenger, and other networks like Slack, GroupMe, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Videos can also be shared in MP4 format and thus, iMessage and Messenger are promoted the most. Apart from sharing on the social media, you can also use your creation to your Camera Roll for uploading on other networks like Instagram.


Adding a caption.


Sharing it on social media channels.

How to Create Video Meme App?

Let’s see an example: There is a clip of the genie from “Aladdin” that turns himself into a sheep with the caption, “Well I feel sheepish.” Apart from, there is a full library of some 5,000 clips available, including a string of Donald Trump clips in which he repeatedly asks “What’s going on?” OR you can also browse different categories like “Love,” “LOL,” “Excited,” “Angry,” and so on.
These annotated videos serve the same purpose just like the GIF – using media as the means of expression.

According to Ferrin, Vine would be the closest rival to A Video Meme app as its users will record the TV screen to show what they are watching then add a Vine caption. He says,

Vine videos are not searchable – no one can find that or use it again. As far as competitors, I don’t know if there’s anyone who’s doing exactly what we’re doing.

Here, we have to check that how captioning and sharing video attract the users. Whether they have space for the expression where GIFs already dominate or not.

How Are They Generating Money?

There is a huge popularity meme receive these days and thus, people often click on the meme image they find on some social media website or imageboard. Their browsers are redirected by that meme to the poster’s personal WordPress website, containing along of other related images that allow the clicker to explore and continue clicking on more memes.

As these people have entered that website and looking all that the site has offered, that website receives more hits and enable the website’s owner to cash in on the website’s popularity, enabling ads to put on it. They also earn by releasing a paid version of an app and in-app purchases.

Have an idea as Video Meme Generator App?

You can also develop a mobile app like we have developed, My Talking Photo, a funny video app. This application creates outrageously funny videos for your friends with just 5 easy steps – You just have to choose a face (friend or pet or celebrity), cut out the mouth face, record the movie, apply voice effects/music, and share with friends through Facebook and email.

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