Planning to Create Scooter Sharing Apps like Scoot & eCooltra? Take a Quick Look at Top 3 Solutions by These Goliath


This blog is for those startups who want to take a plunge to create scooter sharing apps like Scoot and eCooltra or want to start eScooter sharing business. We’ve mentioned the top three solutions by these Goliath. Let’s have a look!

In the past few months, electric scooters or e-scooters have popped up on the sidewalks of San Francisco. But, are you aware of another vehicle sharing platform? Scooter sharing is the next popular platform after dockless bikes that have gained huge popularity from urban dwellers.

In short, we can say that the first came bike sharing program, then the electric car sharing system, which also started gaining popularity. Currently, several large cities around the globe are rolling out electric scooter sharing services. But, now new vehicle choice for urban dwellers is – Scooter sharing.

Scoot is a San Francisco-based electric scooter sharing app that has a fleet of over 500 vehicles in the California city and the numbers keep growing. In fact, recently, Bird acquired Scoot on June 12, 2019, with the common goal of reducing both automobile traffic and climate-changing carbon emissions. The other Goliath in scooter sharing is eCooltra that is the leader scooter sharing in Europe with a fleet over 2,000 electric scooters, including five cities Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, and Milan.  Furthermore, according to the recent report, “The electric moped company, Scoot is deploying two modes of transportation in Barcelona.”


The Rise of Electric Scooters

In on-demand mobility niche, electric scooters play a vital role. The emergence of scooter sharing has been since 2012, but it was not only in the last two years where a wave of escooter sharing services emerged. There are now approximately 8,000 shared scooters on the road globally.

  • It seems like the number of shared scooters are going to increase as this way of getting around becomes more widely adopted. And, operators began expanding to both competitive and untapped markets.
  • The global electric scooter market size was $12,961.8 million in 2016, and it is expected to reach $22,192.0 million by 2025. And, growing at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2017-2025, according to the report.
  • According to the latest news by, Poland’s cities are about to witness a two-wheeled transport revolution driven by the whine of an electric motor. Whether these electric scooters are foot powered or moped, they have already started to appear in the country’s major towns and soon, they will become a common sight.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

  • The scooters are faster, and they allow users to cover greater distances and can attract customers who are not able to cycle for physical reasons.
  • The advantages of electric scooters are less noise, reduced greenhouse emissions, less traffic, and less time spent while searching for a parking spot.

It is pivotal to note that not all the cities are equally well-suited to electric scooters. Moving ahead, and let’s have a look at the veterans and emerging players in the global scooter sharing sector that are Scoot and eCooltra and their solutions.

Top 3 Solutions by Scooter Sharing Apps Like Scoot and eCooltra

Solution #1: Ease of Commute

As people become health conscious and eco-friendly, e-scooters have become increasingly popular among them. Now, you might be thinking what is the main reason behind its popularity? However, it is all about ease of commute for urban dwellers. This is a huge solution, which is provided by electric scooters.

Scoot app is one of the most dominant examples in e-scooter sharing. And, scooter sharing was born in an innovative way to combine the benefits of vehicle sharing for driving in urban environments with the easiness of using a scooter instead of the car within the city. Scooters are the medium for the commute to youngsters, and travelers.

By hiring a scooter, commuters can avoid traffic and park at its station. In addition, electric scooters are pollution free in terms of noise and gas emissions. Electric scooters are popular because of their compact size and speed suitable for instant city trips.

Globally, 95% of scooters are electric. And, the battery pack is smaller, and making it faster to charge and easier to swap out. It results that operators are less reliant on the city’s charging infrastructure. That’s why electric scooters make sense.

Additionally, electric scooters are experiencing an electric revolution. The dependence on non-renewable resources like oil is decreasing and electricity run transportation options are steadily emerging. However, we are a few years away from the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and scooter sharing services that allow users to get around while minimizing carbon footprint.

Solution # 2: Lessens Congestion on Roads and Streets

With other mobility options like carsharing, scooter sharing contributes to lessening congestion. Having access to scooter encourages muti-model trips, less reliance on a personal vehicle and greater awareness. The next solution is provided by Goliath is all about lessening congestion. In big cities, congestion is all over there because of increasing vehicles. However, sharing is the way to lessen congestion and can improve traffic conditions.

If you want to be a part of the scooter sharing app economy, then make sure to give solutions to your app users that can create value into their lives, and it must be beneficial for the environment. Also, you need to provide powerful features in the app like Scoot that must meet users’ requirement.

Solution #3: Ease of Parking

When it is compared to a standard motor vehicle, scooters take up a fraction of space. It makes them a great option in places where parking is limited or expensive.

In actual, only 5% of electric scooters are station based and require on-sheet parking. On the other hand, non-electric scooters are free of floating. It means that they can be parked almost anywhere as long as it is not obtrusive to vehicles or pedestrians. Moreover, the free-floating concept provides another level of convenience for scooter sharing, and users have the flexibility of being closer to their first and last mile destination.

Scooter sharing service has removed one of the biggest barriers to parking. After providing such powerful solutions, it makes easier for scooter sharing services to entering a new market. These scooter-sharing services have come up with solutions like providing secured designated parking spaces. By doing so, it makes them win in terms of lower startup costs and no recurring fees or tickets to worry about.

Such powerful solutions generally attract urban dwellers. Solutions in terms of ease of commute, parking, and convenience, which can be only provided through an app.

Looking to Build Your Own Scooter Sharing App?

However, as a new businessman, if you are entering in the new city, we recommend you to discuss any new sharing scheme with city officials and cross-verify your scooter sharing app idea with any trusted Android app development company

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, scooter sharing is a growing part of shared mobility, especially when evaluating potential transportation services and individuals looking for cost-efficient and convenient options. Scooter sharing has a strong base, and this concept has already gained popularity among urban dwellers because of its powerful solutions. The adoption of scooter sharing has begun to take off, and we are looking forward to supporting the growth of new shared mobility services.

If you would like to be a part of the growing world of shared mobility and want to create apps like Scoot and eCooltra for your electric scooter ride-sharing business, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we’re a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 ride-sharing apps like Uber. The consultation will not cost you a single penny. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours.

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