3 Problems You Must Know Before Starting e-Scooter Sharing Startup (With Solutions)

This blog is for e-scooter startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create Bird like scooter app. As we are one of the few e-scooter app development companies around the world and have already received and entertained a number of queries under the category ‘want to build e-scooter apps like Bird and LimeBike’, so we have rounded up some common problems & their solutions that analyzed by us on e-scooter app development, which you as e-scooter app startup must go through once before embarking with an e-scooter sharing startup.

The term “e-scooter” or “electric scooter” has already created a buzz in the world of urban mobility. Whenever it comes to e-scooter, then we all frequently recognize that this medium of commute is cheaper than hiring a taxi, and it makes commute environment-friendly.

Before heading to the main section of our blog post, which is all about the common problems can be faced by e-scooter sharing startups during e-scooter app development. Now, let’s get familiar with the landscape of the urban commute, e-scooter, and its top micro mobility players.

The popularity of e-scooters has dramatically increased and has become a reasonable source of mobility in the major areas, especially metropolitan. In addition, e-scooters are responsible for less traffic congestion and pollution. From the past few months, this medium of commute has seen notable growth in the trend of e-scooters. In this image, you can check the rise in the popularity of e-scooters.


Image Source: CBInsights

In short, the electric and internet-connected scooters have already embraced a number of advantages, and that’s why they are appearing all over California. They have already taken over Santa Monica.

The Landscape of The Urban Commute – E-scooter & Their Players

  • The funding of e-scooter based companies has picked a pace over the past two years. And, it has reached a new peak. This is what you can see in the image.


  • The e-scooter sharing deals are growing in size. This is what you can see in the image.Deals-of-E-scooter-startups
  • There is also a run-up in funding, and you can see in the image, top e-scooter companies: Bird and LimeBike have a big round of funding.


  • In this image, here is the investment landscape for e-scooter unicorns: Bird and LimeBike.


The bottom line is that the micro mobility could be as disruptive as ride-sharing or ride-hailing. The e-scooter sharing platforms are ideal for the first and last-mile transport, and urban mobility is largely recognized by e-scooter and the players like Bird and LimeBike.

Furthermore, investors are also pouring record levels of capital into e-scooter technology. And, it results in a number of unicorn companies like Bird and LimeBike.

The Micromobility Unicorns: Bird & LimeBike

In the United States, there are no signs of slowing down the growth of e-scooters. And, it has the potential to flourish in the near future. However, investors are betting on such a game-changer of e-scooter startups, which have scaled the fastest and show potential to dominate the market.

Bird: The “Uber” of E-Scooter

The leading dockless electric scooter company in the United States “Bird” is the first pure-play e-scooter sharing startup, which has simplified the commute, and it has become “the Uber” of electric scooter.

Founded in 2017, Bird is the Santa Monica-based startup that has already matured and achieved the milestones because of its rapid and exponential growth and popularity among users. According to the latest report, “Worth $2 billion e-scooter startup, Bird, is going international and it is going to expand its services to Europe.”

Bird-E-scooter-app-developmentImage Source: bird

This e-scooter startup is already available in the number of cities across the U.S. And, its strategy is similar to Uber that is why it has become dominant in the U.S. market in ride-hailing service.


LimeBike is one of the biggest rivals of Bird in the United States. The e-scooter startup, LimeBike, has reached a Unicorn status with a $335M round of funding. The famous ride-hailing company, Uber, has also invested in this e-scooter startup. On 9th July 2018, Uber has partnered with LimeBike, allowing users to rent e-scooters through the Uber app.


3 Common Problems & Their Solutions That eScooter Startups Can Consider Before Developing an E-scooter App like Bird & LimeBike

Problem 1. Lack of Knowledge

Undoubtedly, the dockless e-scooter startup companies have achieved success more than expected. And, it is also expected to flourish in the near future. But, what does exactly take you as an e-scooter startup to become next Bird or LimeBike?

The lack of knowledge in a particular niche can prevent you to get succeed. If you have an app idea, money to invest, but unaware of the technology stack, then it is not easily possible to become the next Bird or Limbike. The technology stack can be an asset to develop successful e-scooter apps like Bird or LimeBike.

Solution: When it comes to the technology stack, then choosing features can make or break your e-scooter application. To build an e-scooter app like Bird or LimeBike, it is essential to consider basic features, including

  • Create an account
  • Identify the device’s location
  • Map to find nearby e-scooter
  • Check the battery status
  • Unlock and reserve the e-scooter nearby
  • Scan the QR code
  • Smart Lock
  • In-app Payment

Apart from this, you can keep yourself updated with the market trends and technologies to provide your app users with rich riding experience.

In short, you need to be extra careful when choosing the features of an e-scooter app, which could provide a seamless experience to your users. Make sure to include these features that are simple and easy to use. To create an app for share scooter fleets, it is pivotal to provide customer-centric solutions.

Problem 2. Choosing the Technology Partner

Once you upgraded yourself with the essential information and knowledge to develop an e-scooter app, then it is time to choose the right technology partner for your e-scooter startup. In the invasion of e-scooter, it is time to take the next step i.e. choosing the technically-sound e-scooter app development company, which is capable of developing an app like Uber electric scooter.

Solution: Well, there is no room for doubt that the success can’t be achieved overnight, but the fusion of right technology partner in terms of on-demand e-scooter app company and the technology stack can make a difference. The right technology partner will surely help you to get success in the competitive world of e-scooter apps.

When the e-scooter app functions correctly, then it can do miracles in the world of e-scooter. So, if you have ever planned on building an e-scooter app like Bird, it is a high time to develop it.

Problem 3. Lack of Understanding of Network Effect

To develop the replicate of Bird scooter app or the business model of famous electric scooter apps like LimeBike or Spin, it is important not to underestimate the power of “network effect”. Or, you need to have an understanding of the term “network effect”.

The network effect is the phenomenon wherein the increased number of consumers or app users improve the value of service. The very popular ride-hailing company, Uber has gained success through the support of more and more participants signing up and expanding its reach across cities and states.

Solution: So, one thing is cleared that you don’t need to underestimate the power of networks and their effects. You need to understand the power of the network and build strong relations with the market leaders as Uber and Lyft did.

As more drivers have become part of Uber and Lyft, then these brands have gained market value along with passengers seeking riders. In short, the power of the network effect is one of the strongest forces in the ride-hailing business.

Electric-scooter-problemsImage Source: the drive

The business model based on hiring hype electric scooter has a number of opportunities to flourish in the future. In addition, the network effect can be helpful when it comes to on-demand transportation app based on e-scooter.

Are You Ready To Dive With Your E-Scooter App Idea in The World of Urban Mobility?

Long story short, e-scooter or electric scooter has become an important part of how people commute or move around the cities now and in the future. Also, you have seen that the investors are also pouring into the micro mobility startups like Bird, LimeBike, and Ofo. Plus, the micro mobility is going to become more disruptive like ride-hailing.

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