Why Every Serious .NET Developer Should Consider Working for Mobile App Development Company?


It may not occur as a surprise to many of you (particularly developers); if we say that desktop computing is on the dying verge. One of the major factors behind such decline is the rise in the mobile computing which is triggering the need for mobile application development.

“Now interestingly .NET is one of the hottest skill in demand for Mobile Development.”

What is the Scope of .NET in Mobile Development?

Now as a .NET Developer it is valid on your part to think what drives the demand for the skill, since the requirement for Windows Phone Apps is not that high. However you may have skipped to consider the “Back-End Integration” which is crucial while working upon mobile app solutions, particularly for enterprises. Most of the enterprise back-end systems use Microsoft products and services and in that regards demand for enterprise apps will be obviously increasing or as a matter of fact already increased. (Read here)

Opportunity and Role for .NET Developers

For a .NET developer, there is a great opportunity to work and thrive with the mobile app development company. Based on Visual Studio Magazine’s survey in which more than 1,000 U.S. based developers participated, .NET software development is still one of the best careers. (See the image below)


.NET software development


Even when we consider .NET from the perspective of Job Security, it appears to be promising again. (See the image below)


.NET Technologies and Job Security


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