Do you know an App That Puts a Product Catalog in Your iOS Keyboard?

Do you know 1/3 of eCommerce sales are now happening on mobile devices and that is the reason eCommerce merchants are putting product catalog in iOS keyboard?  

Even, it is also noted that social media contributed a small fraction of most business’ marketing budgets. No doubt, eCommerce businesses are spending 9% of their overall budget to promote their business to the social media sites.

How eCommerce Markets Recognize the Power of Social Media?

Social media connects the audience with business. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. are ubiquitous in everyone’s lives and now, eCommerce merchants are using them to communication or share information or to expand their business boundaries.

Effective social marketing represents real value for an eCommerce business. It offers a new way to engage customers and rewards them with extra advantages. Even, it shows your brands and tell them what it offers.

From distribution content to selling product, Social media benefits to everyone, including Shopify.

Go where your customers are – following this strategy, Shopify now targeting iOS users through mobile messaging by launching a dedicated iOS keyboard app called Shopkey.    

eCommerce business is moving towards SMS and mobile messaging to assist their customers. Some SMS-based services Operator, GoButler, Magic, etc. are targeting the developing “conversational shopping” market.

Just like it, Shopkey of Shopify delivers instant access to their product catalog. Current, Shopify dubbing Shopkey an “experiment” – it is more casual sort of communication between shopper and merchant, as it is new to both.

Shopkey app is an answer to those online shoppers, who are searching a way to reach a merchant is via phone or email.

Without any doubt, there are many iOS keyboard apps for consumers to send GIFs or want to theme their keyboard using crazy colors. However, apps that focused on the business crowd is limited and one of them is Shopkey.

Shopkey can easily access Shopify store across all of favorite messaging and social application. It enables users to share popular product links and images whenever, and wherever you want. Even, users can also search merchant’s store to find the exact product. Shopkey app can

  •         Sell to customers in all of your favorite messaging and social apps
  •         Search your entire catalog right from your keyboard
  •         Send links for any product in your store
  •         Paste product images into any conversation
  •         Spread powerful product links that pull in all the information you need

Credit: TechCrunch

Start Selling Your Product to the Social media sites

Want to attract the audience from social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc.? It’s time to get Shopkey app in your device and sell your product on Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, WeChat, Messages, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others.

Interestingly, Shopify integrated with Twitter’s buy button, and thus, the link through the keyboard will be a ‘buy’ button when it posted. Now, retailers can easily suggest products on the basis of what customers are interested in. After that, they can pop in a buy button to close the deal.

Credit: Shopify

Satish Kanwar, director of product at Shopify, said:  

We created this as a productivity tool for [retailers] to quickly give shoppers the things that they need. It’s a much more organic and natural way of shopping we’ve been doing for decades. Messaging has just opened us back up to those natural behaviors once again, but through the internet.

Mobile shopping raised by 47% this past holiday season, whereas the year prior, it was up only 25%.

With this statistics, we come to know that serving mobile audience is more important for eCommerce merchants to expand business and for rapid growth.

The main reason behind an increase in mobile selling is, consumers are more comfortable in shopping through mobile phones and retailers can easily deliver what consumers are looking for through mobile-friendly websites and apps.

This is not the first time Shopify enters mCommerce space with Shopkey app. Before that, the company has launched Sello, an application that enables to develop an online store from their phone.

Another isSatsuma, an eBay type application enables users to purchase or sell groceries, clothes and more on the basis of their requirements with just a click. This eCommerce application enables users to follow the people, who are selling products on their choice, and brands.

Do want to stay ahead of the curve?

Get ready to change with the way you communicate with your customers like Shopify did. Polish your mind and put your audience in a position to increase customer base.


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