3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Boost Your Diamond Business

Whether you are a diamond entrepreneur or running a jewellery business, this blog is for you. Herein we have mentioned 3 ways how mobile apps reinvent your diamond business. Let’s have a quick look and ready to invest in diamond app development.

The billion-dollar diamond business provides for the miners, the producers of the diamonds, the cutters and the polishers as well as for the people who manufacture the jewellery. It is a large industry and filled with several players (jewelery entrepreneurs), who constantly aim to provide a good experience to the end users, whether they are businesses or the customers.

While people believe that diamonds are rare, statistics seem to prove otherwise. According to Statista:

  • In 2018 alone, 147 Mn carats of diamonds were produced from the mines across the world.
  • Russia has the largest reserve for diamond mines, and the total is estimated at 650 Mn carats.
  • Apart from Russia, the other major diamond producing countries include Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, and South Africa.
  • Among the top companies that offer diamond jewellery and other related diamond products, De Beers has a market share of 35%.
  • It is surprising how only the top 11 mines make up for 62% of the world’s diamond production, and there are only 20 mines in all in the world.

Having said all this, you will realize that the diamond business is one of the biggest and a very mature industry in the whole world.

As it is a mature industry, the complexities are also high, and you will find that the increasing number of players also make up for tricky situations, whether you are the diamond cutter or a small player in the diamond industry.

The cost of diamond production as well as the other costs involved in the industry lead to the increasing complexities, and the need for technology to manage everything.

Diamond Industry & Need for Technology

Technology has indeed reinvented the whole industry and how it functions. For instance, the diamond measurements for cutting has always been an issue, which has been resolved with the help of technology. The various software solutions determine the size and the cut grade, making cutting easier for the end users. Each time the diamond industry finds it hard to do things the conventional way, technology comes to their aid.


However, things are not still unconventional at the root level of the diamond industry.

  • Communication is still a rookie affair, which means you will essentially find the people within the industry to communicate using traditional methods. You will observe that this leads to a lot of confusion, and most of the work gets delayed.
  • When trading diamonds and jewelery, most people are not aware of the different grades of the diamond, and the pricing. Only people who have been part of the industry for a long time are able to answer these questions. However, those who are still entering the industry, have no guidelines to follow, or no one to guide them through the process
  • The jewellery industry is quite a mature industry, with several players competing with each other. However, you will see that there are several gaps and inconvenience in the market, which causes issues to those who are involved in the retail aspect
  • The manufacturing industry has several aspects that need to be automated. The best way to induct automation is with the help of suitable and current technologies.

Reinventing Diamond Business With Diamond App Development

  1. Improves Communication Channels

    Mobile is the best way to communicate instantly, and it is very true for the diamond industry. Let’s take a scenario where the business houses various offices in different parts of the world, one where the mining is popular, the other where manufacturing is easy and finally where sales and other purposes can be taken care of. How will the business manage day-to-day communication, and also how will they ensure that all the orders are taken care of with ease? That’s why a dedicated mobile app is essential. A single business app will keep all three offices connected with chat solutions and other options.

    You can even send emails, keep records of the invoices and purchases, and a detailed history of all the communication that happened between the three offices. This is just one such example of the B2B communication that is essential in the diamond business. Communication of such kind increases efficiency and productivity of the business, thus allowing them to complete the targets. Everything happens in real-time, so there is no question of delay. So, if you are a diamond or jewellery entrepreneur and planning to invest in developing mobile app for your jewellery business, don’t overlook chat and communication feature to consider.

  2. Boosts Personalization

    Sophisticated mobile apps serve to be the biggest asset in the retail part of the diamond industry. You will see that retail has major gaps, especially when it comes to offering convenience. Till now, the retail part of the jewellery business has managed to offer you some exquisite pieces of jewellery that you can buy online. However, the gap exists in making jewellery the way you want, and it is still not possible online. If you have a mobile app that allows the user to understand the weight of the diamond that they will get in the jewellery, look through the different designs available in the catalogue or upload a design they are interested in, then you are offering them the convenience of personalizing the jewellery while sitting at home.


    You will also be able to gain more insights into the customer and how they use the mobile app, thus enabling you to further the retail mobile app and improve its usage. If people want to buy the jewellery in the store, then the dedicated app for your business can be used to reduce wait time and will allow them to customize the jewellery and get it made easily. The store will also be aware of the kind of demand people have and would be ready with these things in their catalogue in the future.

  3. Efficient Systems

    Whether you are a part of the manufacturing, mining or the retail part of the diamond industry, an intuitive mobile app will help you increase efficiency. With the dedicated mobile app for diamond business, you will know the grade of the diamond you are planning to sell or, the cutting grade of the diamond. The mobile app can store all details of the diamond that was sent into the lab, to ensure you have a complete idea into how the diamond was cut, polished, graded etc. it makes cataloguing the diamond piece easier.

    Apart from cutting and polishing, the grading and even selling of diamonds become easy with the mobile apps. You are able to offer better systems, introduce better processes and make up for all the inconveniences with the help of mobile apps for the end user, whether they are businesses or retail consumers. The increased efficiency helps you give out an enhanced experience that leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Ready to Invest in Diamond App Development for Your Diamond Business?

Mobile apps are indeed the need of the hour, irrespective of the industry, as they are convenient and always present with you. communication, gathering real-time data, making informed decisions, and increasing productivity become easier as a result.

If you belong to the diamond industry or jewellery business and want to devise a mobile app development solution that you believe will boost your business in any way, then connect with us. We will not only guide you through the diamond app development but also execute the plan from start to end. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile apps for different enterprises and startups.

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