Developing mCommerce Retail Apps? Know About the Most Desired Features


Mobile apps may fail to serve the need of the audiences if they are built with the consideration that lacks consumer insight. mCommerce apps are not an exception to this with only a handful of ecommerce retailers offering desired features wanted by the mobile app consumers.

So which features are sought after in mobile commerce apps? Well, here is a list:

Developing mCommerce Retail Apps


  1. Exclusive Offers: As per Mobile Commerce Compendium report by eConsultancy, consumers want to be rewarded with “Exclusive Offers” if they download a retail app and as many as 38% (of 728 Respondents) consider this as the most important feature for smartphone apps. Contrary to this very few major ecommerce retailers actually use this approach to attract consumers.
  2. In-App Purchase: Nearly 32% from the number of respondents (as mentioned above) would like to be able to make in-app purchase and therefore it can be termed as one of the key features of mobile commerce application.
  3. Loyalty Scheme: Almost equally wanted is the loyalty scheme feature that wins 30% votes of respondents who would like to get rewarded with discounts and offers in redemption of points collected. Retailers can also attract the customers in mobile loyalty scheme by other way round for which B&Q’s Club app is the best reference.With this app, B&Q – The Home and Garden Retailer, offers discounts to drive footfall in stores instead of rewarding purchases with loyalty points.
  4. Store Locator: As evident 26% are interested in having such feature in m-commerce app. And why not, it offers all the convenience to find the nearest store through a postcode or location search. It may have been overlooked but it has all the potential to steer your mobile app users’ to your physical location of the stores. You can read in detail about Store Locator feature.
  5. Reserve and Collect Service: Although it may appear that only 21% of the responding audience favored this feature the benefits are far more exceeding. Unknown to most “Check and Reserve” accounted for 29% of Argos’ £819m sales in the first quarter of 2012. Moreover, 86% of Halfords total online sales are for in-store collection after they introduced “Click and Collect” service two years ago. Know more about why offer Reserve and Collect service.
  6. Barcode Scanner: With showrooming turning more common, Barcode scanners are becoming a handy tool for consumers as they can quickly compare the prices in seconds. In fact 20% of the respondents want this as a feature in their mCommerce retail app.
  7. Product Images, Slideshows and Videos: Product Images and Slideshows from different angles are wanted by 16% and Videos by 7% of the audience as visible in the image above.

Incorporating the above mentioned mobile commerce (or mCommerce) features in combination or exclusively in your retail app can potentially benefit you and your business as it has turned favorable for other leading brands.

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