Developing iPhone Applications With 3rd Party Tools


It is quite likely that your iPhone app development partner may suggest or recommend the use of 3rd Party Software Tools for developing iPhone applications. There could be number of reasons that cause the need for using such third party SDKs which are as follows:

  1. To have an app that is cross platform compatible, i.e. the one that runs on iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms if required;
  2. To have web or hybrid mobile app development;
  3. To have a specific feature or custom functionality that is impossible to achieve with ONLY iOS SDK or X-Code and several other reasons.

It is very important to note that the App Store is still under Apple’s control, and that iPhone apps built with third party software shall strictly adhere to Apple’s App Review Guidelines for approval.

But Let’s Consider the Pros and Cons of Developing iPhone Apps with 3rd Party Tools


  • Expanded Reach: Your iPhone Applications will run and operate on other mobile platforms too including Android, Windows, etc.
  • Reduced Cost & Effort: The development cost will be reduced compared to creating mobile apps separately for each mobile platform. Also there will no need to write different codes for diverse platforms, i.e. write it once and wrap it with 3rd party tool and deploy to multiple platforms.


  • At Par Experience: Third Party Software Tools help to create iPhone web applications that although render native look & feel but lack at providing the similar experience.
  • Superior Expertise: Developing iPhone Apps with these 3rd party tools requires a good expertise as well as experience unless you want to risk your investments with rookie who only knows development and not app approval process.

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