Developing BYOD Culture for Small and Medium Enterprises and its Benefits

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BYOD – bring your own device is an answer to SMEs’ concern for cost constraints while implementing mobility solutions. It is estimated that across the globe almost 89% of all organizational IT departments support BYOD.

Sectors who have adopted this new way of business earlier than others include financial services, hospitality, media and entertainment and infrastructure. These sectors are followed by manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

Let us have look into why BYOD culture can be a much-needed boost to SMEs mobility solutions needs.

BYOD Culture for Small and Medium Enterprises

How BYOD Works as the Best Mobility Solutions for SMEs

One of the greatest advantages that SMEs have over large enterprises is that they can actually take decisions quicker and implement them too right away. The strategies and policies required to be charted out for small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service can yield immense competitive advantages to SMEs.

The first thing that BYOD does to your organization is reducing support costs for mobile devices and increasing employee productivity. It also makes you gain greater visibility into network usage. It eliminates the need for the companies to pay up-front to their employees for mobile devices.

A partnership with a technology company such as Space-O can bring about effective and yet simple mobile device management for mobility solutions for SMEs.

Challenges while Implementing BYOD for SMEs Mobility Solutions

While BYOD culture in small and medium enterprises is catching up, it is not sans challenges. Ranging from device management to network management the path is fraught with myriads of issues. Following are some of the major challenges:

  • Robust and secure network to support the different types of devices
  • Smooth connectivity to facilitate employees and customers
  • Integration of wireless network with wired infrastructure
  • Centralize the control of BYOD mobility solutions for SMEs
  • A sharp and sensible corporate policy for SMEs mobility solutions that can cater to the needs of employees and customers

Features and Benefits of BYOD for Small and Medium Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Service

BYOD mobility solutions come with many unique features such as strong security controls, remote protection, data encryption etc. As such solutions have a remote device life cycle management provision; they can be maintained and supported from a central location.

Space-O provides mobility architecture, mobility device management, mobile application management, and support to small and medium size enterprises. When you work with a technology partner like Space-O, expect following benefits:

  • Small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service enhance employee communication
  • Increases productivity, flexibility and mobility of employees as well as end users
  • Increases number of customer channels
  • Mobility solutions for SMEs also make it possible for customers to conduct a location-based search
  • SMEs mobility solutions enable you to deliver rich media content in real time
  • It also means lower costs for device acquisition and support, user training and technology research
  • SMEs can save costs based on price per user than the traditional expenses of per device
  • BYOD generates a greater sense of belonging and ownership among employees and motivate them to work to the best of their abilities.

Consult Space-O for small and medium enterprise mobility solutions.


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