Developers Are Building Conversational Chatbots for App like WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Viber & Kik

Grow Your Business with Conversational Chatbots

Conversational Agents or Dialog Systems – Chatbots are also known as these different names.

Chatbots are one type of application that used to interaction through conversational messages or preset text-based buttons. Chatbots enables to communicate from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many in different and creative manners.

Specifically, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be at the core of many such technologies, however, some bots will remain very simplistic.

Have you remembered AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), IRC channels or even SMS/MMS services? These are some basic versions of chatbots that allowed interacting with an automated text-based chatbot to get the latest information.

There are mobile messaging application Viber, Kik, and WeChat integrated chatbots. Additionally, hundreds of supporting bots and apps already exist. Recently, WeChat mini-programs have proven successful for the chat app, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. By the end of the August month, the number of mini-programs available through WeChat reached a million, with a user base of more than 600 million.

Moreover, Line has announced their Chatbot API, and there are many announcements considering Facebook Messenger supporting chatbots and conversational technologies.

France based Netatmo has found another way to control your smart objects near your house. Now Users can talk or control all their connected devices using a messenger chatbot. As of now, this feature is only available in English, with more languages coming soon.

In 2017, Netatmo announced few partnerships with local home appliance brands to try to connect smart devices used at home. Netatmo first started with a weather station and since then, it has extended its product. Currently, Netatmo sells indoor-outdoor security cameras, air quality monitoring devices, connected thermostats & more.

Chatbots becomes popular with investors, developers and platforms. With an increase in marketing and visibility, most of the consumers are adopting it quickly.

Chatbots are The New Targets for Online Businesses Whereas Chat App Will Be The New Internet

At least 1.4 billion monthly users are using messaging application. Some of the popular brands like WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik, and Line engage the audience on a one-on-one level.

By the end of 2016, it is expected that 50% of mobile phone users will be using mobile messaging in the U.S. alone that currently have 3 billion users from the top four messaging apps.

Ted Livingston, founder of Kik said,

“Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new Internet.”

Over 80 advertisers have already worked with Kik over the past year to create chatbots on its network of 275 million users. Recently, Kik has launched its own bot store. Even, there are many third-party bots on chat app like Telegram and Slack.

Shoe brand named Clarks has developed three virtual characters on WhatsApp to promote its new product, the “Desert Boot,” that enable users to chat with them and get videos, messages and music playlists.

Even, the technology helps people to get their boarding passes of Dutch Airlines KLM directly through Facebook Messenger. HABA, a beauty brand of Japan offers coupons on the messaging app Line. A personalized experience has been created by Sephora for its customers on Kik that includes a quiz with inappropriate content and product.

Sephora’s VP of digital marketing, Bindu Shah said,

“We know, based on global trends and the evolving landscape, this is the next element to engage with our customers on. We can let clients ‘choose their own adventure’ with our content, rather than posting content that goes into a ‘newsfeed river.’ We believe more brands will want to interact this way too.”

Develop Conversational Chatbots for Messaging App like WhatsApp, Line, Viber & Kik

For Chatbot App Development, you have to use BOT APIs to send customized responses to the users. With BOT API, users interact directly with individual users through their official account. Users can get and send interactive messages from their BOT API server anytime. Check how simple Chatbot responses like:

How Does It Work?

Through BOT API, users can send information between their company’s servers and a user’s chat app via the platform. Using JSON-based APIs, users are sending requests to the server or the chat application.

The BOT API server is connected to the chat app platform. When users add their account and send a message, the chat app sends a request to your registered BOT API server URL. After that, your server sends a response on the basis of that request. This provides a better experience to the users, as they can interact with their friends with ease.

There are two types of interaction received by the user, i.e.

· User sends a message
· User completes an action like adding your account as a friend

Here, the information is sent through HTTP to the user’s registered URL. A JSON string is created for operations that vary on the basis of the type of operation. A signature is included in the header that is used for verifying that requests are sent from the chat platform. In case, the request is not sent from the chat platform, the request is invalid and a sudden event is activated.

Things You Can Do with BOT API

  • Send and receive messages by using APIs
  • Send mission stickers
  • Use the Channel Web Application feature
  • Send rich messages using APIs
  • Send link messages

Develop Chatbots to Compete with The Future’s Technology

Without going too deep, here, we are recommending you to hire chatbot developers to develop chatbot apps that focused on brands and customer experience based opportunities.

Number of companies have started promoting their brands through chatbots, let’s make it something unique for your business’s chatbot development idea.


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