How We Developed Nuzhah (App like Airbnb to Book Chalets) Successfully Within 3 Months Only

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Want to know how we developed an app like Airbnb within 3 months only? Herein we have covered the entire story like how our client contacted us, features we integrated and develop an app like Airbnb successfully for Saudi Arabia clients. Continue reading this blog to know more about our developed app. 

When you decide to travel to a new city or country, the first thing that comes to mind is, booking a hotel room, apartment, villa or any resort. Right?

But what if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for your next vacation, business meetings, or any other purpose? You will prefer to book a chalet or villa whether it is about family vacation or holidays with your friends. Isn’t?

This is what most people do when they visit Saudi Arabia. But the most common problem they face is that they have to call different hotels, chalet owners, check availability & amenities, and make bookings. Calling different hotels, checking availability and then making payments is a long and time-consuming process to follow.

This problem is observed by one of our clients in Saudi Arabia who decided to solve this problem through a mobile app solution. He decided to develop a mobile app to book chalets, hotels, apartments and villas as per their convenience.

But how did he connect with us? Why did he decide to develop hotel booking app from us? What are the features we included in this app? Is it really helping people to book hotels or chalets? Here are the answers to all your questions.

1. How did our client connect with us?

Answer: When our client decided to develop a mobile app like Airbnb, allowing people to book chalets, hotels, apartments or villas, he started looking for a mobile app development company that has already developed hotel booking apps.

While searching on Google, he landed on our Airbnb like app development page. Scrolling our page and checking our previous work, he decided to contact us and shared his requirements.

2. Why did our client decide to develop hotel booking app like Airbnb from us?

Answer: One of our sr. sales representatives communicated with our client to comprehend his project requirements. As we have already developed over 20 hotel booking apps for different countries, our sales representative instantly understood his app idea.

In fact, our sales team suggested making use of advanced technologies like AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence to stand out from other hotel apps. We suggested our client – develop two different variants, including an app for guests and an app for hosts to list down their chalets.

We suggested our client – to develop two different variants in a mobile app, including an app for guests and app for hosts to list down their chalets, villas, and resorts. We also suggested developing an admin panel with the most useful features that decrease the hassle of managing requests manually.

In addition to this, we also prepared and shared an in-detail work breakdown structure, covering all the features, functionalities, and the total number of designing and developing hours. The prepared WBS gave instant ideas to our client and he decided to develop Airbnb like app from us.

3. What are the unique features we integrated into this app to book hotels and chalets?

Answer: As decided to develop this Airbnb like app with unique features and functionalities, we integrated over 20 features in this complete hotel booking platform. We develop a complete solution, including an app for guest, app for owners, and dashboard panel for admin of the business.

We have included different features and functionalities in this complete solution:

App for the guest:

  • Discover chalets using search filter
  • 360-degree VR tour
  •  View properties on a map
  •  Mark as favorites
  • View reviews and ratings
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple payment options

App for owners:

  • Listing a place
  • VR video of the place
  • My earnings
  • Listing details
  • Price management
  • User rating
  • Real-time updates

Admin Panel (Dashboard Panel):

  • Manage all the customers
  • Manage all the hosts
  • Manage bookings
  • Total earnings
  • Reports

4. What are the tools and technologies we used to develop this app for hotel booking?

Answer: To develop this app for hotel booking and chalet booking, we used the following tools and technologies:

  • Programming Languages: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Laravel Framework (Backend)
  • IDE: XCode, Android Studio
  • Database: MySQL
  • Deployed On: iOS (App), Android (App) and Web (Backend)

5. How much time did we take to develop this home booking platform?

Answer: We develop this hotel booking app within 3 months only as our client wanted to make this app live on an immediate basis. It was his goal to make it live before the holiday season so that the maximum number of people can use it to book hotels.  

6. Is this hotel booking app has made it easy for people to book chalets and hotels?

Answer: Yes, the developed app similar to Airbnb is helping people to book chalets, hotels and villas in real-time. This app, Nuzhah, allows users to view, check and book different villas, resorts, restaurants and even camps for holidays. It is best known for providing VR experience in the app as it allows users to take a VR tour of any hotel property and experience the atmosphere virtually before booking it.

7. What is the result of this hotel booking platform? How it changed the traditional process of managing the business?

Answer: Our developed hotel booking platform has eliminated the gap between users and hosts, connecting them with a mobile app solution. Both app users and hosts can connect in real-time and communicate about the bookings.

In addition to this, the mobile app solution is known to increase the overall profit of the business by increasing the number of users who book hotels and villas.

On a Concluding Note

So, this is how we developed hotel booking platform within 3 months only. We comprehend the requirements, suggested the best solution (App for guests and App for hosts), and assigned the developers and developed it in 3 months. Want to know more about this hotel booking platform? Check this case-study on the Nuzhah app like Airbnb.

Looking at this mobile app for hotel booking, if you have also decided to convert your app idea into reality, then share it with us. We will listen to your ideas and validate them, suggesting the best possible solution. In fact, iPhone and freelance Android developer will guide you to include useful features and functionalities, making use of advanced technologies like machine learning, AI and AR/VR. 

In case, if you still have any query related to how to develop app like Airbnb, how much does it cost to develop Airbnb like app, app development timeline, or Indian app developers cost to hire, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you with all the answers. The consultation is free of cost.

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