Don’t Develop a Travel App Until You’ve Checked These Amazing ‘Google Trips’ Features

Google Trips has tried to reduce the hassle and guide travelers to enjoy their hard-earned vacations.

Recently, Google launched Google Trips, a new mobile application that feeds as a travel guide and trip planner for anyone who is exploring a new place. Google Trips aimed at helping you better plan your vacations and other travels.


An app is freely available on iOS and Android and will help to organize your hotel reservations and flight tickets, offer editorial guides to more than 200 cities and create personalized recommendations based on Google history.

Holden said, “We’re doing a great job on the planning stages, but we really need to help consumers when they’re actually at their destination.”

How Google Trips Differs in the World of Travel Apps?

Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organizing essential info in one place and making it available even offline. There are many such unique features that help Google Trips to stand out in the world of travel apps.

Customize Day Plans
This feature gives suggestions for popular day plans organized on a map which can be customized according to interest and time availability.

Organize Trip Automatic
Here, Google Trips app assembles the travel reservations data automatically from Gmail and are organized in user’s trips. Every trip contains day plans, food and drink suggestions, things to do.

Nearby Sights
During your trip, the app offers suggestions for nearby famous sights along with ratings and reviews from other travelers.

Bundled Reservations
Google Trips supports to find your hotel, flight, restaurant and rental car bookings at just one place without searching individually during your travel.

New Feature: Offline Access
No Internet connection? No worries. Google Trips is available to access offline, so it can be accessible from anywhere in the world. This is considered to be one of the unique features of Google Trip to stand out of the crowd.

Things To Do
Each trip holds ideas for things to do organized automatically into useful categories such as Indoors or Outdoors and Top Spots. An app helps to receive curated travel tips and local suggestions as well for many of the world’s top spot.

After a long work and stressful life, now, it’s time to go for vacation. So here’s a good chance to headed out on vacation as travel App like Google Trip helps to get planned your vacation automatically.

Moreover, on each city’s screen, a variety of colorful cards help to move various sections like:

  • Saved places
  • Food & Drink
  • Day Plans
  • Getting around
  • Reservations
  • Things to do

The Fresh Features of Google Trip to Rate it as Best Travel App are:

Google’s ability to tap into the data that is stored in Gmail automatically gathers your reservations from email and organizes them into trips on your behalf.

The home screen adds a search box with a prompt “where do you want to go?” for planning new holidays while other cards let you keep track of current and upcoming vacations plans.

The information is truly based on historic visit data from other travelers that Google has then compiled into lists including the most well-known sights and attractions.

Add a spot into your visit plans, and can even customize it with half day or full day available for this outing. With the help of this data, the app will offer you other attractions nearby that original spot, so you can take in other sights worth seeing without having to commute too far.

Furthermore, there’s some automation involved such that on tapping and pin a spot you have to visit, and Google Trips will automatically fill in the rest of the day for you. Meanwhile, you can also tap a “magic wand” button for additional options of nearby sights, then pin those you like to further customize your itinerary.

Google Trips More like Clone of these Apps

In the world of travel apps, there are various travel apps covering unique features and got rated for best travel apps. For example Airbnb Trips is competing with Google Trips with its unique feature “city guide” to make its place in the best travel app. Similarly, if you are planning for a travel app, add uncommon functionality for its best reach.

What Care Should be Taken While Going for a Travel App?

The app should be developed such that it should deliver complete travel one stop solutions. The feature such as weather information, distance duration, city guide, related bookings for a rental car, hotel, food etc.

How Much Time it Takes to Develop an App like Google Trips?

We would like to share our two of recent travel app development experience that why we are leading Mobile App Development Company. Shaka Guide app is all about offline GPS based audio tour which is live on Apple as well as Android stores within 10 weeks of time as it includes a lot of interesting features like maps, tells you interesting stories and driving directions with local Hawaiian music in between.


Another app is region specific Explore South Northamptonshire that adds unique features such as information on attractions across the district with each destination providing a map to guide you to your chosen attraction along with complete information.

These two apps were developed quickly because of the clear requirement and understanding which is the first point we always take care. So, we would like to discuss your plan to make an app like Google Trips and we have a couple of features in mind to share with you which Google trips has not covered; hint: iMessage integration. Have some unique idea or feature for travel app? Contact us and let’s start the conversion.


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