3 Effective Features to Develop Ride Sharing App With a Successful Ride Sharing Management Software

In the commuting world of taxi app solutions like Uber, Lyft, Didi, what could possibly go wrong? Where will the sharing economy get its ground? Why would anyone opt for carpool service leaving the on demand taxi services? The answer to all these questions is urbanization trends. Dive into these 3 features to develop ride sharing app with a successful ride management software and know about the need for such carpool apps.

Carpooling or ride sharing is the “AirBnB” for the transport industry.

With the ever-growing online taxi and ride-hailing services, there is a constant need for sharing economy. The global ride sharing market is expected to reach USD $218 billion by 2025. Now, if you are someone thinking about the reason for such an increase despite a goliath of apps like Uber. Here are some of the strong reasons for the on demand ride sharing services.

Reasons For The On-Demand Ride Sharing Services

  1. To reduce the ever-increasing traffic and congestion on the routes

    With the on demand shared ride service, there will be fewer vehicles on the road. This will automatically create less congestion on the routes and easy commuting. And it will also reduce the single-occupancy vehicles on the road.

    According to the 2019 Urban Mobility Report there is an urgency of mobility improvement in the US. The report was sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation.

    congestion map of US

    Such congestions and traffic jams are the source of developing apps for ride sharing. As not everyone can afford vehicles or taxi rides, and their insurance or mortgage. Thus, for them, such ride sharing apps are a boon. It reduces traffic and lets a user to their destination sooner and cheaper than the taxi solutions.

  2. Public transport is not sustainable because of low occupancy

    The public transports are sometimes overcrowded and much more time consuming for Gen Z. In this fast-moving world, everyone wants to reach instantly at their place of work, meetings, home. And no one is ready to stand in a queue and wait for a bus or a metro to arrive on time. 

    This is where the ride sharing app development can bridge a gap between commuting and side earnings. People who own a car can easily become someone’s public transport if going on that same route and earn extra income by the carpool app.

  3. Corner to corner pickups makes the ride faster and affordable

    This reason sets the ride sharing app genre apart from the online Uber alternatives. A corner to corner or say virtual bus stops make the carpool service convenient than the other commute services. 

    Anyone can be a part of the carpool service, even a person living two-three blocks away from you. This business model has a wider scope through gig economy trends as compared to other taxi app developments. Through this ride booking app, a commuter can book a cab to go a few blocks ahead or can hold a cab or leave it as per his convenience. There are no set commuting destinations like taxi apps. 

    After knowing these reasons, if you are planning to develop ride sharing app, before proceeding for the features and functionalities, it is viable to study the top ride sharing apps. This will help you in creating an engaging ride sharing solution.

    develop ride sharing app

    We, at Space-O Technologies, have a dedicated team of taxi app developers, who are capable to build Uber like apps, carpool or ride share apps with advanced features and functionalities. We believe in innovative features and functionalities, thus, we do not have any ready Uber clone scripts. We have developed over 50 Uber like apps for our clients worldwide including USA, Brazil, Australia, U.K., Nigeria, Switzerland, India, and many other countries to work on Uber like app development projects.

Now, without doing a further due, let’s dive into the 3 effective features that can make your e-hailing app development among the best ride sharing apps.

3 Effective Features to Develop Ride Sharing App

  1. Automate multiple matchmaking with other commuting facilities

    When you decide to develop ride sharing app, you need to consider the matchmaking feature as the most important functionality for your app. This feature will help you as an owner to streamline your fleets as per the requirements of your online users.

    For instance, think about a mother who needs a vanpool or carpool service for her child every morning. For her, this multiple matchmaking option will be an easy way out to reach other commuting facility providers.

    Allow users to perform matchmaking process with an individual or a batch of commuters looking for the same carpool, vanpools, e-bike buddies, and other online transport services. You can collaborate with other public transports and open up new business opportunities for your carpooling app development.

    For becoming the best carpool app, you need to integrate a payment gateway integration, valid profile of the registered drivers or car owners, multilingual chatbot for easy communication. Thus, before they book a ride or make a match, they can ask their queries out and check the driver’s profile to trust the service provided by the app well in advance.

  2. Build in-app navigation for optimized directions

    To become a technologically sound app like Uber for ride sharing, the geolocation map integration for better navigation is a must. It is the most effective feature for both the riders and the drivers. 

    A rider can easily calculate the traffic, accurate wait time, estimated time of arrival of the driver. When you plan to develop ride sharing app, make sure you direct all riders to a nearby walkable street corner, thereby reducing wait time and total ride time.  

    develop ride sharing app

    With the riders, such a GPS tracker navigation will help them reach on time at the desired location. And also helps in maneuvering the shortest route possible to reach the rider. As a result, new drivers who are also new with the place will make a well-receptive app experience altogether.

  3. Schedule/Reschedule/Cancel a ride without any hassle

    Without thinking about the Uber app development cost or how to create an app like Bla Bla Car. Keep in mind such intricate user-friendly features. Scheduling a ride in advance will retain the online users as they will have a beforehand car booking wherever and whenever they want.

    Rescheduling and canceling are the features that go hand-in-hand. Allow your users to cancel and reschedule their ride at the last moment, as you never know what change of plans took place in their lives. Provide them with a two or three times rescheduling in-app option before you charge for the cancelation. Make sure you charge minimal fees for the cancelation. 

Are You Having a Ride Sharing App Idea?

develop ride sharing app

There are fewer apps in this genre that are completely into providing carpool service. If you are still hesitating about your app idea, then we have studied the scope of the carpool industry in the coming years.

There is a worldwide increase in carpool vehicles from 2015-2025. Looking at such statistics, through your app development, people can easily generate additional revenue and in return, you will get organic engagement in your app.

carpool app stats

Thus, transit is a necessity, and with the growing population, such apps will reduce the traffic and make the transport services more reliable. Looking at these increasing demand and stats, if you have made up your mind to invest in carpool app development, get in touch with us to get the exact cost to develop your Uber like app.

If you have any query or confusion regarding how to develop ride sharing app, Uber like app development timeline, how to build an app like Uber, cost of hiring app developer, just fill our contact us form with your requirements. Our sales representatives will get back to you with the apt mobility solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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