Recipe World is Revolutionizing With AI Technology: 4 Powerful Features to Consider Before You Develop Recipe App

develop recipe app

Today, everyone is focusing on planning healthy meals, tailored to one’s taste and nutritional needs and it takes a lot of beforehand preparations. Organized recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping lists is a daunting task for Gen Z. If you are planning to enter the online food and cooking world, give a thought to develop a recipe creator app that becomes a one-stop solution from saving a recipe to taking notes to online grocery shopping and get it delivered at the doorstep. Herein we have curated 4 features to develop recipe app using the latest technological advancement like AI and voice assistants.

In this Uber for X world, no one is fishing for recipes from a cookbook or scribble a grocery list on a post-it note. Fortunately, there are meal planning apps, recipe sites that are making an effort of providing millennials with recipes and saving the same.

But, is saving a recipe enough? The answer is obviously no.

You need to understand the word ‘instant’ for our Gen Z.

With the advent of Uberization, they are expecting every small thing at their disposal. Thus, if you are someone with an online recipe site that is cluttered with lots of ads or a professional meal planner, recipe creator, then the thing you need for your audience is recipe app, an online recipe platform to save recipes, order ingredients and a lot more.

Recently, at Space-O Technologies, we saw a constant engagement for ‘recipe creator’ around the time. People are attracted to cooking trends with weight loss recipes, healthy food diet plans. Thus, it is the right time for professional meal planners to rope in the online app world with streaming videos and voice assistance technology like Alexa.

develop recipe app

If you are planning to develop recipe app than you should keep these ‘interested regions’ in mind. These countries, including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada have the highest engagement when it comes to the app for meal planning.

develop recipe app

There are many apps like Yummly, Big Oven, All Recipes Dinner Spinner, who have made an exception in bridging the gap between online and offline recipe world. Recently, Whisk, another recipe/shopping list app, has made its way to being among the best recipe app.  

Whisk app is one such revolution in the food and recipe app world that has used AI technology to make the online user’s experience seamless. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting features curated by our app consultants after studying the success of the Whisk app.

Planned to Develop Recipe App? Integrate These 4 Features to Bring Revolution in Online Recipe Platform

#1 Easy signups and adding a recipe with a perk to convert it into a shopping list

For becoming a best free recipe organizer app, you need to get your signup and login process as easy and intuitive as possible. Provide your users with easy signups like an email or phone number. If a user does not want to use Facebook or Google login, then allow him by adding a URL of a recipe he found on the web.

Give your app users with more than just a ‘saving’ experience through your recipe app. You can automate their saved recipe into a shopping list. This will save their recipe ingredients jotting downtime. 

Further, allow users to create their own recipe ingredients and avoid unwanted ingredients with a click. Through the complex algorithms, make your app collect ingredients from a photo, recipe, recipe title, and suggest users with approximate cooking and serving of a dish.

#2 Save recipes from anywhere and provide in-app online grocery delivery service

Allow users to conveniently store all of their recipes in one place and organize them into personalizing collections for easy access and easy meal planning. For more engagement and revenue generation, you can collaborate with online grocery stores like Walmart, Instacart, Amazon Fresh.

Your app can provide an online grocery delivery service when a user orders groceries through an in-app shopping portal. Make it easier for users to order groceries and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Thus, you will become a one-stop solution for online recipe and grocery delivery.

If you are an online blogger who is into health-conscious recipes or meal planning, you can convert blog into app for more engagement and a loyal audience. Our experienced mobile app development team has already handled over 100 such projects and converted different websites, excel sheets, ebooks, and blogs into a fully-functioning mobile app.

#3 Integrate your app with voice assistants like Alexa

With the advent of technology, we have got new facilities in the form of voice assistants. To make your user’s cooking and shopping experience more convenient. Let your users add or deselect items from the shopping list made in the app through voice assistants like Alexa.

Another way to use this technological functionality is live-streaming a recipe and hearing through assistants. This will help users focus on their dishes instead of adjusting phone and looking at it for each step. 

To develop recipe app that stands out from the clutter, you have to create experiences through UI/UX designs and develop with a seamless user interface to enhance such technological advancement. We, at Space-O Technologies, follow the Design-Led Engineering process to develop any application successfully. 

If you have made up your mind to make the recipe app, you can also run down through some of our developed food and recipe apps. In fact, our developed apps are also featured on top websites like TechCrunch, Huffington Post, BBC News.

#4 Calculate nutritional aspects through AI

Your recipe finding service can provide more than just saving, finding, and organizing recipes. Through deep-learning and natural language-based algorithms, provide your app users with recipe’s nutritional values and other properties like nutrition, perishability, flavor, category and more.

It will help app users to know about the recipe and its nutritional value, suggesting whether it is a healthy option or not. 

Expert Tip: Provide your users with a click button to scale up or down the recipes to different serving sizes and avoid the kitchen math in their heads. 

Have You Made Up Your Mind to Develop Recipe App?

Being a professional meal planner, if you want to create recipe apps like Yummly, All Recipes Dinner Spinner, Whisk, you need to consider these features to successfully make a recipe creator app. 

If you are having an idea based on the recipe app, social cooking app, baby meal planner app or reference book cooking app and looking for professional app developers, cross-verify it with us. We are a leading iOS/Android app development company and have already validated over 3500 mobile app ideas. We successfully design, develop, and deploy apps and provide 3-month technical support to our clients. 

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