Have a Video Editing App Idea? 4 Features to Create Online Video Editing Software

Want to develop your own video editing app? But confused about the core features to include when you develop online video editing software? Herein we have discussed 5 essential features that you can consider for successful video editing app development.

With the advent of social media platforms, videos have become a convincing marketing tool for brands. Online users have started to resonate with the creative change. Editing has become popular with apps like Canva, Magisto, Inshot. 

The video editing apps have made it possible for everyone to edit videos from the mobile device whether that be on a train, a plane, or a living room couch. As Gen Z, we are relying on our smartphones or tablets for every complex task like video editing, image creator, video creator, which is making the video editing trends so relevant today. 

According to Globe News Wire, the video editing software market is predicted to grow at an annual growth rate of 2.6% to hit $932.7 Million by 2025. Why this sudden growth? The increasing penetration of smartphones and video content has positively fueled the mobile video editing app genre.

The market players of video editing software are spread across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. The highest revenue-generating region by 2025 is forecasted as North America followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe.

If you are planning to create a video editing app, there are many brands that are still struggling to create high quality, professional videos that they can share on social media to represent their brand. They are willing to be trendsetters with their online video marketing campaigns, your software can be a one-stop solution for all the photo and video editing purposes.

Moreover, students and teachers no longer need to spend hours learning complex and expensive tools. Your app will provide them with direct access to creativity and professionalism in making video templates and other interactive marketing material.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have developed over 40 photo and video editing apps. Our developed video editor SDK got 3,000,000 downloads and is used in over 87 apps. 

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One of the video apps created by us is VidGrid. It is one of the best video/photo collage maker apps, developed by our video editor app developers, allowing users to create video/photo collage with special effects and features. 

video editing software

This editing app is featured in Clutch.co with 4.5 ratings. We have made this app user-friendly by creating three simple steps to create a video collage, directly save to gallery and social media integration. This video app gives its users an intuitive online experience and is thus easy to navigate.

Now, let’s dive into some important features curated by our photo/video app developers, consider these before developing an app for video editings like Canva.

Develop Online Video Editing Software With These 4 Engaging & Satisfactory Features for Your Video App

  1. Discover a library of video templates

    When you are planning for a video editing app, a library of video templates is the most recommended feature from our app developers.

    It has majorly two benefits:

    • Engagement increase on your platform as you are providing videos from intros to credits to effects like filters, overlays 3D effects, 4D effects, and other resources like texts and music, sound effects and video backgrounds.
    • The major targeted audience is non-designers and needs an instant solution for their social media marketing. Your video creator app is a boon for their online content creation.

    video editing software

    Image Credit: Canva

    Thus, to become the best video editing app like Canva, provide your users with a collection of video templates. Give your online users access to the stock library with videos, music, and audio. 

  2. Easy-to-use animation tools

    Now, drawing art is no longer limited to artists.

    When planning to develop video editing software, you need to integrate some animated tools to make your app more engaging. The animation is a vital part of any video marketing strategy, your app can impart knowledge on how to use animated characters and make an effective video.

    There are “n” number of animation creator app, but none have a video making facility. To create a niche, it is very important for you to merge both the genres and provide your online users with one video editing software.

  3. Integrate social media platforms

    No one likes to switch apps to perform other functionalities.

    For instance, people edit a photo in one app, save it to a gallery. Open up another app to post the video. You can provide a better solution to this app switching problem.

    In your video editing app, keep an inbuilt gallery where the work gets stored automatically. Give a sharing option directly to the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter). It can also be another way around, where people can drop their images from social media to your video editing app.

    best video apps

    Image Credit: Canva

    In case, users misplace their edited video or photo from the phone gallery, they know where to find them. It is a very helpful feature for users. Such small detailing in mobile app development is admired in this cut through competitive app world.

  4. Allow users to customize their content

    You can go the old-school way, by providing users to customize their own video and content.  Most of your targeted audience is going to be non-designers. Customized video making will creatively open more opportunities for them to explore. 

    Moreover, they will have more options to choose from. They can go the automatic way or custom make their own video design, content creation, color, font, make an animation character. Your video editing software will provide your users with easy to create videos of their own. 

    If you are ready to take the plunge to create an app like Canva in order to expand your business, then the aforesaid features are crucial to consider.

Now, Why Choose Space-O Technologies for Video Editing App Development?

At Space-O Technologies, we have developed over 10 unique features and contributed to the photo/video editing app genre. Cropping & trimming, adding videos, merging videos, slow and fast motion, special effects (enabled users to choose from 60+ filters to improve video quality), create video collages are some of the features that we have integrated into over 40 photo and video apps. 

Our expert video app developers use the following technology stack at large to securely design and develop online video editing software.

video app

video editing app development

video editing app

Thus, if you have any idea about video editing software or video editing app development, cross-verify it with us. With our mobile software development service, we offer fully customized application with advanced features and functionalities. 

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