Time spent in apps grew JUST 6% in 2017. Ask These 5 Questions to Yourself Before Developing Any Mobile App in 2018

Herein lies information for those who want to prevent their mobile apps from stagnation. If it is so, just go through with these five questions before heading to mobile app development process, and ask them by yourself, which we’ve compiled in this blog post.

The advancement of mobile applications is the new digital benchmark.

“Since 2015, in the U.S, iPhone and Android smartphone users used an average of 27.1 apps per month with their devices”, according to the report, that you can check the image below.


Undoubtedly, we live in this era when there’s an app for each and every problem.

Now, moving ahead to know more about the app’s session growth.Year after year, the session of mobile apps growth has been slowing down. It may notice that a big difference between in the year of 2015 and 2017.

The reason of this that amid slowing down the growth in app’s session is that the mobile app categories are no longer uniformly rising as seen prior years.

As we’ve found the data of apps stats in the report, which says, “Mobile app usage up 58% in the year of 2015”. It was significant uplift. You can check the below image.But, this is not the case in 2017.


Decline in the App’s Session Growth

The scenario has completely changed.

According to the recent report by Flurry, “The total time spent in apps grew just 6% in the year of 2017, and down from 11% in 2016”.

Additionally, the other report by Flurry says, “The overall app session growth stagnates in the year of 2017”. You can check the statistic on the below image.


But, Not Decline in The App’s Usage

In fact, the real scenario is that shopping category grew by 54% as consumers continue to shift their spending into eCommerce through mobile shopping applications. The below image comprises the data, which reflects that the essential apps for users who can’t go without the following apps.


Even though it is undeniable that session growth may have obstructed, but it has never been more obvious that the mobile apps affixed their roles in people’s lives.

Additionally, according to the report by Flurry, “940,000 applications are tracked, across 2.1 billion devices in 3.2 trillion sessions”.


Hope is still alive!

The real question is – are you really prepared for developing an app for your business? If not, we’ve compiled five powerful questions, which you need to go through once if you want to grow the time spent on mobile applications. Let us check them out.

Question: #1 Does your app idea solve any real problem?

Everyone likes the solution, especially if these are associated with the real-life.

And, we live in this era where there is plethora of mobile app available next to you for each and every problem.

Nonetheless, both the success and failure of mobile app majorly rely on its features. Let us take an example to elaborate this point.

If the mobile application lies in the category of health and fitness, then it must embrace all the essential features like customized diet plan, various workout programs, which can actually solve the problems of users. If the mobile app provides all essentials in terms of features, which can be helpful in user’s life. Then, the app will simply recognize by masses.

Question: #2 How can you make the mobile app simple?

Before developing the mobile application, there are essentials, which you need to bear in mind, before diving into the world of mobile apps.

  1. Analyse your competitors’ apps
  2. On top of all, it is all about audience

1. Analyse your competitors’ apps

Deep analysis of your top rivals’ mobile apps can give you the insights of the interests of your targeted audience. By asking the questions, you can do your analysis like How are other mobile apps named? And, are the names of other apps easy to remember?

Well, a thoroughly analysis of market research can help you to make your app simpler. Plus, your app only can upfront with the right audience.

2. On top of all, it’s all about the audience

In order to create an app simpler, all you need to know more about your audience.

Finding out the right audience, you need to aware what your audience requires, and what are the problems they have been facing so far with other existing mobile apps. For this, you need to speak to them by conducting campaigns on various social media platforms.

Also, you can gather information from smaller subgroups of consumers to figure out the type of group of people who would like to install your mobile app.

Once, you know your audience, it will help you to know their requirements. With the help of this, you will be able to produce a simple yet handy mobile app in front of them.

Note: Once, you will be done with the creation of the mobile app, it is important to bear in mind that you’ll always be working on continuous improvements to the app. WhatsApp is an example, which always comes with the frequent updates.

Question: #3 Does your app make sure that it would not face the issue like battery drain?

According to the source by Techlicious, “Out of the 49.5% of daily battery drain is noticed, in which 28.9% is because of the apps, which frequently wake up, and still run in the background”.

Users generally end up with the abandon the applications from their Smartphones. The mobile advertisements are one of the primary revenue providers for several mobile applications. Nevertheless, advertisements are the factor in battery drain. Advertisements make use of processing power to display colorful images as well as videos. In addition, ads also utilize a lot of bandwidth in order to load the large content. It results in more battery drain.

Here, we are not asking the removal of advertisements from the mobile apps. Nonetheless, a nice solution to get rid of this situation is – to limit ads to only a few places in your mobile app.

By doing so, you will be able to provide users with the less-consuming battery mobile apps. Plus, they can get the most out of your apps without consuming a large amount of battery of their devices.

Question: #4 Will you provide any customer loyalty programs, which could attract more users?

In the light of statistics, being a startup or Entrepreneur, you need to think about what you can do to attract more users.

Customer Loyalty: Basically, it reflects customer or user’s willingness to use the product with a brand again and again.

Customer Loyalty Program: A reward program, which is offered by the company or mobile app to make customers or users frequently make purchases. There are top five loyalty program apps i.e. Belly, Spendgo, FiveStars, Shopkick Local, and Linkables.

Here, we’ve rounded up three images with the statistics, which will help you to think more about – customer loyalty programs.

  1. Loyalty programs are great for building relationships with the mobile app users. You can check in the below image:


Image Source: VTiger

2. The below image tells you about the stats of why customers participate in loyalty programs.


3. Furthermore, customer loyalty programs are effective in order to influence the purchase decision.


Apart from these a plethora of data, here, we’re trying to say that the concept of customer loyalty program can add value to the mobile app as well.

Let us take an example of Amazon Prime. Talking about the report from Business Insider says, “74% of Amazon prime members said that they used Amazon more today”. Having a subscription to Amazon Prime, users can enjoy free perks like free shipping, and access to the catalog of e-books, movies, and digital music. Also, according to the report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, “Amazon Prime members spend $1,500 per year, while non-prime members spend only $625”.

Well, after going through above data, we can say that the customer loyalty programs actually attract more users. This is one of the pivotal points, which you can include before create the mobile app, in which users could spend a lot of time in your app.

Question: #5 Do You Believe in The Concept of The ‘Buyer Persona’?

On a fundamental level, the Buyer Persona is a non-fictionalized characterization of one of the best customers. Also, it includes the information of the customers, and how they use the product or service.

Persona can be varied according to a targeted audience.

Why is Buyer Persona Important?
In simple words, we can say, Buyer Persona helps to understand the customers, or it can be app users. After getting familiar with the concept, it makes easier to customize the product, mobile application, or service.

Also, it is important to create the detailed buyer persona, due to the fact that, it helps you to understand what your mobile app users thinking, feeling, believing, concerned about, and expecting from your business, service or app.

How to Create Mobile User Persona?
In order to create mobile app persona, all you need to take care of the following steps before heading into the world of mobile application development. You can check here:

1. Ask Questions to Yourself: In order to create a buyer persona, this practice is generally misunderstood by many people. Well, it is not about determining the details like buyer’s age, and gender. However, it is all about to know the challenges faced by customers/users. Also, you can ask questions to yourself like:

  • What does my audience need in terms of the app?
  • What is stopping people to find out/use the mobile app?
  • What do the users need in order to make the decision?

2. Choose The Mobile Platform: Now, it is important to select the mobile platform where you’re about to develop a mobile application.

In addition, if you are trying to reach younger buyers with text and image content, then you can choose a responsive design for web offerings.

You can also make an impact with the special cost offers and coupons, then you can embark on the SMS campaigns.


Image Source: Blog Readz

Together, this information can help you to create an ideal picture of your ideal mobile app users. So that you can talk directly to the customers about their needs. Also, help users – why your mobile app is the perfect choice to help them.

Also, creating buyer persona helps to develop a mobile app in a better way. It can be achieved with a long-term association with a trusted Android app development company.

Final Thoughts

All these aforementioned questions and solutions can help you to make a mobile app for your business users stay long. And, you can prevent yourself from being a part of a huge decline in app’s session growth.

Before heading into mobile application development, make sure you must be prepared with the aforementioned questions and beyond for mobile app for your business. Also, it is pivotal that you must embrace these thoughts before being a part of one of the top applications, and the users can get most of it.

Additionally, you may have a lot of questions related to mobile app development, and the cost of creating an app. Get in touch with us through given form below, and we’ll revert you within 48 hours.



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