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Do you want to develop a machine learning app like SmartNews?

SmartNews is a news aggregation application, working with 1,500 publications and choose stories on the basis of what readers’ reading activity.

SmartNews has its own model with inline advertising, deal and video ads with publishers to sell ads against “SmartViews”, a SmartNews’s zippy-loading similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP.

Today, we are ironically in something of news resurgence that is being carried out in the digital world, as, undeniably, the printed newspaper industry has been in decline.

You can instantly read any news around the world by just a few clicks.

SmartNews Gives Fight to Biggies like Facebook, Apple News, and Flipboard

SmartNews give tough competition to big giants like Apple News, Facebook, and Flipboard. Facebook taps into its vast social network user base while Apple News gives an instant audience by the quality of being pre-installed on its iPhone and iPad devices.

One can hardly find a technology executive or developer, who isn’t talking about Bots, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning. Machine Learning plays an important role, thus, SmartNews has developed its application using its algorithms for sorting news from the bottom up. It allows those algorithms to do work to surface, curate, and suggest the relevant post.

Like SmartNews, there are some companies have understood the importance of ML and AI. Nowadays, every application is going to be an intelligent application. There are many companies that started using machine learning to recommend products, detect anomalies or predict churn.

We are expecting to see more applications that generate real-time predictions because of the rapid generation of new data, accessibility of new ML platform.

Machine learning app is an important part and critical ingredient in developing an intelligent application, however, essential goals are developing applications/services that deliver an easy way for your customer to use your service, resonate with your customers and get better over time.

It’s Important to Have a Large Dataset to Use ML and AI Effectively

Machine Learning can improve the application and dataset that you need to collect to develop the best experience for your customers. The CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, Oren Etzioni said:

“We have made tremendous progress in AI and ML, but declaring success in ML today is like climbing to the top of a tree and declaring we are going to the moon.”

Many Amazing Things Could Bring by Machine Learning

Machine learning improves our lives, as it has the capability to make predictions and analyze big data and then, improve the model based on what happened.

ML can be applied to anything that has data and it should continually enhance itself. Below are things that could deliver to enhance the mobile experience.

Translation – Machine learning could provide real-time speech translation. It also has the potential of conveying intonation and emphasis.

Battery – Machine learning could offer genuine insights about what’s the battery is consuming. It also looks the everyday actions that would extend battery intensely.

Automation and Prediction – ML could also increase the smarter of your smartphone by learning the way you are using the phone. Moreover, it automatically triggering certain specific things. This could also save your battery life.

Recommendations – Machine learning also improves recommendations. Whether you want to download a game or purchase smartphone, there are algorithms that help you to find things by fetching the data.

Fitness – Through Machine learning, it helps users to analyze the exercise, enhance the form and recognize distinct activities automatically. There are many people using fitness wearable and apps, but some understand how to apply the data they create.

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Machine Learning Makes SmartNews Smarter that Recently Raised $38 Million in A Series D Round of Funding

SmartNews is approaching 20 million downloads and will be using the fund to expand its users base and its overall revenues. SmartNews also uses the maximum investment for hiring and expanding its machine learning-based news-combing technology.

Led by the Development Bank of Japan, the investment brings raised about $90 million. However, the company isn’t disclosed its valuation, it is between $500 million and $600 million, post funding.

When SmartNews raised Series C funding, the co-founder Kaisei Hamamoto told that it was in the part to expand into the United States from which it would likely to rise next fund.

Moreover, Japan will remain the single biggest market of SmartNews with 10 million users, and thus, investors seemed most interested.

Rich Jaroslavsky, the startup’s VP of content and ‘chief journalist’ said:

“Just as important as the funding is the continuing expansion of the Japanese business and the ramping up of our U.S. business. We’re feeling very good about things. Business has been doing so well in Japan that it has diminished any pressure to start monetizing in the U.S., and that’s wonderful.”

There are many companies have done more to put machine learning in the spotlight. Companies are investing in machine learning web, Android app which can learn and apply to ever-growing mountains of data. All of Google’s services are taking advantage of Machine Learning app, it also can develop Machine Learning app to get advantages for your business.

If you want to implement Machine Learning Approach to your business, hire AI developers who have expertise in developing bots and Artificial Intelligence.

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