How to Develop a Mobile App like Chrooma Keyboard?

Keyboard App like Chrooma

Available at $1.99, Google introduces Chrooma keyboard, a new colorful keyboard that provides a pleasant chromatic feeling to the Android users.

Looking for the faster and simple keyboard than the one that you have in your smart devices? Google Chrooma Keyboard adapts its theme to an application that users are using without any configuration.

Android Developers have the option of theming the status and navigation bars in their apps starting in Android 5.0. but, most of them only add colors to the status bar. Chrooma Keyboard has the capability to look at the color specified by the application and matches it.

Being a 3rd-party keyboard app on Google Play Store, Chrooma Keyboard delivers users a chance to try out the keyboard’s unique features. Those users, who already have purchased this application, can restore their purchases with the help of the developers and log into the application. This isn’t losing out any features or updates.  

If you want to restore the purchase, then update this application and complete the setup process to ensure you are logged in properly. After that, slide out the hamburger menu and click on “Restore Purchases.” After that, you will get available features in your application.

Users can automatically upgrade this application if they have purchased it in the past 24 hours. One of the newest things apart from the free pricing is application’s setting have been completely reworked. It also has multi-language support, new color styles, a new prediction algorithm, etc. that offers a better predicting experience.

Those people, who are looking to help beta test this application, are free to join this Google+ community and download beta through Google Play.

  • One Hand Mode and Split Layout – Users can activate one hand mode to type faster with just one thumb. Even, they can also split layout to type faster.
  • Emojis – This keyboard application has a collection of emojis. Users just have to send and enjoy chatting.
  • Color and Font Styles –  Personalize your typing experience by choosing numerous styles and fonts.
  • Swipe typing – Users can easily swipe their thumb over the keyboard. Now no more tiredness.
  • Night Mode –  This keyboard can automatically change the color tone when low light is detected. Users can also set a timer and programs the night mode.
  • Multilanguage typing – Users can write in multiple languages simultaneously without switching to the keyboard every time.
  • Languages support – it supports all the standard languages like Spanish, English, Italian and so on.

It is said that Chrooma keyboard application is competing to some of the best android keyboards, one of them is SwiftKey. You must be thinking “what is swift key?” It is the best Android keyboards ever which supports more than 100 languages. This SwiftKey application learns your slang, nicknames and phrases and has 80+ colors, designs and themes.

Keyboard Applications like Minuum, Swype, etc. Have Gained Huge Popularity. Do you want Keyboard apps for android and iPhone?

We have developed keyboard application TunerMoji, an ultimate keyboard that has over 300+ tuner style emoji, stickers of cars, etc. Our developed application works with all messaging applications across all devices. Whether it is music keyboard app or other types of application, we have expertise in developing app for iPhone and Android platforms.

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