3 Engaging Features to Develop Grocery App Like Peapod, Instacart, Amazon Fresh

develop grocery delivery app

If you are owning a stop & shop grocery mart, you need to take advantage of this potential, resulting in a highly competitive market of online grocery shopping. This app development idea has a lot to offer your traditional brick and mortar business from stacking groceries to managing inventory to online payments as well as short term partnerships with the gig economy. If you are aiming to generate more user engagement and provide efficient grocery delivery service, consider these 3 features to develop grocery delivery app like Peapod, Instacart, Kroger.

Why are these grocery delivery apps ruling the charts of 2020?

Gen Z is no longer in visiting the grocery store and roam aisle to aisle in search of the items they want to shop. Today’s app influential market is all about conveniently delivering the items at consumer’s disposal. 

In traditional grocery availing service, your consumer might be facing the inconvenience of standing in the queue to get the QR codes of the items checked and then pay for the groceries. On some days, when you keep an offer, your job to manage the payment counter would also have been a task. 

Thus, with a grocery delivery app, you can easily expand your current business with curbside pickup and delivery offerings- in an attempt to grab the market share. Now, if you are handling a grocery business in the United States, U.A.E., Philippines, Singapore, Canada, then you should definitely enter the “Uber for delivery app” space. These regions are having the highest engagement on the online grocery ecommerce platforms.

develop grocery app

Your app can also be among the best grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger, with the correct functionality and feature integration. The value of online grocery market sales is forecast to reach approximately 150 billion U.S. dollars by 2025

develop grocery app

If you are still not sure about the revenue generation and engagement of the users through the grocery app, have a look at one of Business Insider statistics, that clearly states the market flourishing with the U.S. $117 billion in 2023.

develop grocery app

With the change in consumption and instant demand for door-to-door delivery, there is no doubt about the Uber for grocery delivery genre has a lot to offer your ongoing business. Let’s have a look at some of the engaging features to develop grocery delivery app like Peapod or Instcart.resh

3 Powerful Features to Develop Grocery Delivery App

#1 Allow users to filter their products according to their dietary needs

To make online grocery shopping easy, you must integrate a search filter feature. Through such a filter, the app will give your online users niche research with apt choices available with you. 

With the changing lifestyle, there are many people who only look for dietary products. It will be convenient for them to search for those particular products and avoid the endless scrolling in the app. It will also save their time and energy which is better consumed by today’s consumers.

If you want to develop grocery delivery app with an apt filter function, you should also have a substitution for each item and a prominent display that can attract more users.

#2 Provide “schedule grocery” and also “unattended delivery” functionalities

With busier schedules and growing comfort of online shopping, consumers are choosing brands that provide more convenience. To give that extra perk, your app like Uber for grocery delivery should have a “schedule delivery” option. This will provide users with their delivery convenience and you can also easily manage your fleets beforehand.

In case if there’s an emergency from the online user’s end like have to complete some other house chores and is not at home, an “unattended delivery” feature has to be introduced. This feature will help them to inform the delivery guy about the delivery being postponed or rescheduled for some other day.

You have to allow your users with the freedom of delivering his package at his disposal. This will release his stress of being at home on time for receiving the grocery delivery. With the advent of the Uber app, the genre of pick up and drop has seen innovation at every stage from schedule to reschedule to cancelation facilities. Thus, you need to integrate this feature with proper planning and functionalities for a successful same day grocery delivery app development.

#3 Provide users with an auto-fill cart from past orders 

For instance, if your user wants to buy the same grocery items, which function will be more convenient for him.  

Selecting or filtering the search in the app again for the same item.


Direct access to the past orders and then auto-filling the cart.  

Of course, the latter is more convenient. You need to think by stepping into your user’s shoe, before deciding a list of features to develop grocery delivery app. Such small app features like auto-fill, list of groceries filtered as per its substitutes, online payment integration with different modes, gives your business its own uniqueness.  

 Are You Having a Grocery Delivery App Idea? 

Above we have mentioned the features to opt for an on demand grocery app development and provide the grocery shopping app solution, that creates a successful grocery business like Amazon Fresh and Instacart.

In a nutshell, a mobile app for your business can help you to take your customer experience to the next level. With the increasing demand for on demand services, it’s high time to develop grocery app for your business, and allow customers to experience advance level of last-mile deliveries as well as the timely dispatch of your inventory with efficient management. 

 In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand grocery shopping app development or how much does it cost to develop an Uber delivery app development? then, you can get in touch with us as through our contact us form. As we’re a leading Uber like app development company and have already developed over 50 apps in the app like Uber category. We have developed several apps from taxi app solutions to food delivery to shopping apps and more. Thus fill-up your requirements and one of our sales representatives will revert to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free of cost!

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