How Microsoft Made It Super Easy to Develop a Cross-platform App for Your Business?


Want to develop native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac? Develop in one programming language with Xamarin.

Many representatives of the prominent companies have noticed the compatibility of the Xamarin framework with the enterprise mobile application development. In fact, the Dutch Tax Office are searching for a secure internal application that would help employees to get information anytime. And, they got exactly what they want, with Xamarin. The Xamarin-based application has the capability to reduce paperwork and employees can now process more inspections, which improve the overall office’s productivity.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin has officially closed On March 18th, 2016

If you are thinking how to create an app in Xamarin, don’t worry. Microsoft and Xamarin together bring a good opportunity to develop fully native apps across several platforms from a single shared code base. C# is everyone’s favorite and Microsoft wants every developer to take advantage of the power of the .Net in every app that developed for every device. Microsoft makes possible for every developer by doing some incredible things like:

Xamarin Now Have Visual Studio

Visual Studio has been added in Xamarin without any additional cost. Now, developers will find Xamarin in every edition of Visual Studio, including Visual Studio Community Edition, which is an open source project for developers, educations, and small professional teams. Use Visual Studio to develop native apps for iOS and Android with C# and F#, regardless of app size. Xamarin Studio gives you an advantage of Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise subscription for Mac developers. Developers can also use Xamarin Studio Community Edition for their project for free. Download Xamarin Studio or Xamarin for Visual Studio to develop iOS and Android application with the full power of C# and Xamarin.

It’s Open Source & We Love Open Source


Microsoft has contributed the Mono Project to the .NET Foundation that means we are expecting some previously-proprietary mobile-specific improvements to the Mono runtime. Mono will be re-launched under the MIT License. Additionally, Microsoft has issued the broad patent promise for Mono to help clarify users’ rights to Mono under Microsoft patents.

With this changes, developers enable to find all the barriers to adopting modern .NET runtime in any software product, game engine or embedded device. Moreover, it can be easily integrated to C# with games and apps available on the Mac, Android, iOS and Windows along with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and any platform that developers want to target.

In addition to, Microsoft is going to announce Xamarin SDKs for Android, iOS, and Mac. The native API bindings and the basic command-line tools are included as it is necessary to develop mobile applications. Xamarin.Forms is also included in the cross-platform native UI toolkit.
.NET is now open source & native with these changes and developers can develop an app for mobile, desktop to the cloud.

Xamarin Test Cloud and University Are the Next Target

At the BUILD conference, Scott Guthrie exposed how Pinterest and Slack are using Xamarin Test Cloud. They have tested more than 2,300-device test lab to make sure that their application works everywhere. Moreover, their team is working on the Xamarin University to expand the content to cover more mobile development using Microsoft products.

Recently, Xamarin had raised Funding of $82 from Investors, including Lead Edge Capital, Charles River Ventures, Floodgate, Ignition Partners, and Insight Venture Partners.

Still Thinking Why Xamarin for Mobile App Development?

Instead of thinking why Xamarin app development, think how to make an app in Xamarin studio. You can hire professional developers to get Xamarin cross-platform app development for your upcoming projects. We have developed many apps in Xamarin, including Xpenditure and iNurse. If you want to target multiple users from different platforms, Xamarin is the best alternative.

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