How Mobile App Solutions Can Solve These 3 Problems of Construction Companies

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Unlike other businesses where work is managed with machines, construction is still all about people and their ability to manage. Being in the construction business, if you are looking for an apt solution to seamlessly manage communication, accountability, and transparency, then you have landed in the right place. Develop construction app or a complete custom solution to maintain all your tedious tasks and align hierarchical relations. Want to know the problems that mobile app solution solves and provide an instant solution? Here, we have covered how mobile app solution helps construction companies to automate the work and manage everything.

Need help with your construction project, unforeseen field conditions, contractor errors, and never-ending clientele changes? 

A simple solution to all your onsite problems is a construction app.

Now, in these past five years, the mobile app ideas have changed the working pattern of every service from ordering food to hailing taxis, and now mobile apps are moving towards real estate and construction businesses like yours. 

Investors are highly engaging in the growing construction industry. Why so? As there is a substantial growth in the population every year, the need for housing and the corporate building will increase. Thus, it is an ever-increasing industry where people are also ready to spend to maintain their living status.

develop construction app

The construction industry is very slow to jump into technology, however, these construction app ideas are here to stay. If you are planning to develop construction app, many management solutions will bundle up like scheduling, project management, timekeeping in order to better serve your construction business. 

There are a handful of best construction apps like Procore, Fieldwire, PlanGrid that have set their benchmarks in the construction industry. Let’s dive into some important solutions provided by the construction apps for your business.

3 Important Solutions to Develop Construction App Curated by Our Experts 

Problem #1 Managing Data & Excel Sheets Manually

Being in a construction business means to manage a lot of papers, most of you must be having small staff to maintain all the records, construction paper, design discussions and minutes, and many other technical contracts. 

And managing all these data and excel sheets related to contracts take a lot of time and effort of the staff members. What if all these things sum up in just one solution?

Solution Through Mobile App: A construction management app. 

With the development of on demand construction app, you and your workforce will be able to tap into a smartphone, iPad, any wearable device integration, and access information from anywhere, anytime. You can allow all team members to access files, download design changes, insight in the project with the minor details onsite and in the meetings. Thus, there will be no need to search for papers or do the tedious job of entering manual data of the project.

Major inputs that a construction app makes to your ongoing business is:

  • Maintaining the design changes by making an in-app designing tool as per your construction needs
  • Track records of the workforce working on a particular project
  • Maintain confidential documents like contracts between two parties
  • Manage income and expenditure through an in-app excel sheet

We at Space-O Technologies have made a variety of enterprise mobility solutions focusing on factors like usability, visual design features, programming, security, quality assurance. Our enterprise app developers specifically understand the problem of your business and provide customized solution to automate everything.

Thus, without wasting more time, you should take a wise decision to make an app for the construction business and get an organized onsite and offsite business update.

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Problem #2 Lack of Technological Advancement like AR/VR

Are you having any errors predicting the area for a project? Having a problem measuring the land or visualizing your construction?

We have simple technological advancement in the form of AR.  

Solution: According to PRNewswire, the global augmented reality and virtual reality market is expected to reach $167.89 billion by 2026, representing a remarkable 2019-2026 CAGR of 34.7%. On the clientele front, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will lead to efficient project staging and making pre-construction projects tangible for buyers and tenants.

develop construction app

VR facilitates a 360 degree video to enable the exact look of the space transformation. This mobile app technology also allows you to design over an existing condition or space onsite. You can sketch any design, change it, correct or modify it in seconds. Also, one can capture the view in the field and bring it back for a detailed drawing.

Major aspects that you are missing without an app development on the designing side are:

  • 3D visualization of future projects with their surrounding environment
  • Automatic measuring of buildings
  • Fast and affordable simulation of architectural and structural changes
  • Safety training and hazard simulations

develop construction app

Problem #3 Absence of real-time analytics of the team members

How many times it happened that your employees forgot to punch in-out when working on the site? Have you manually marked the attendance wrong? Have they entered the wrong information?

You must be tired of handling such chaos at the time of salary or appraisals. And all of your reports must be created at the end of the day.

Mobile App Solution to Opt For: With an app for construction management, you will be able to simplify the daily reporting and improve immediate action on primary issues.

With app manager, you can make real-time reporting on phone or tablet by giving updates on on-field problems, team performance, and project costs. Along with this, you can keep a daily record of members and share it with them daily reports and their work analytics.

Moreover, a mobile app solution can help your construction company to organize every contract made with your clients. A proper track of signature, delivering accountability, indisputable audit trail. 

On a Concluding Note

Whether you have an app idea from the discussed solutions or something different entirely, you can get it cross-verified with us. We are among the leading mobile application development companies and have expertise in developing mobile apps for almost all industries. A constant analysis of the market trends and technological updates is what makes us a successful app development firm in the market.

If you have doubts about the features of the construction management app, unique construction app development ideas, how much does it cost to develop construction app, or custom construction software, feel free to contact us. All you need to do is fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you within 48 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost. 

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