How to Develop a Perfect Camera Application like Halide that Takes Phenomenal Photos?


Who doesn’t like to click pictures?

Almost everyone. Right?

You can’t afford to miss any special moment of your life, and what you do is capture those special moments in the camera whether you are travelling a new place, entering a new phase of life or hanging out with friends.

Today, smartphone owners have the flexibility to choose from a range of best camera apps for Android that offer enormous features like composition overlays, multiple shot modes, post-processing special effects, editing tools, etc.

Talking about the latest camera app ‘Halide’, it is a brand-new iPhone camera app that works wonderfully for quick shots. In addition to this, Halide application is giving an instant access to camera controls with a swipe or tap from the viewfinder, and a gesture-based user interface has made it easy for users to manually adjust settings for each shot without going overboard.

Now, developing your own best camera application is not a big deal, you can also have your own camera app, covering some top features to make your app stand-out. However, if you have a unique camera app idea in your mind and want to turn it into an app, you can follow these below mentioned steps:

A Step-by-step Guide to Develop a Camera App

Step 1: Reviewing Top Camera Apps

One of the first steps of developing a camera application is to review other top camera apps that are obtainable on the web. Currently, there are various best camera apps like Camera 360 Ultimate, Halide, Camera FV-5, VSCO Cam, etc. that you can install and personally use those applications to get an idea about their uniqueness.

You can also have a look at the features of these apps so that you can make a list of features that already exist in the market. Make sure that you deeply research on the top camera mobile apps that are performing well in the market, and you can also check the reviews and feedbacks of top apps to understand their users’ requirements.

By reviewing feedbacks, you will come to know what users are expecting from any camera and photo application, so you will have a chance to fulfil their users’ requirements through your camera app.

Step 2: Understand Your Target Audience’s Needs

After reviewing some of the top camera applications, it’s time to understand your target audience’s needs. As you are developing an app for professional photographers or other people, who love to click pictures, so you should know everything about them.

Know what features and functionalities they are looking for any camera app so that you can include them in your app. If you will not understand your target audience and their needs, you won’t be able to make a perfect camera and photo editing app that they want to use.

It would be also great if you know your audience by surveying in the market and asking questions. Once you will know your audience and their behavior, you can easily develop an app that they want to use.

Step 3: Finalize a List of Features That You Want to Include

Once you know your audience, it’s time to finalize a list of features that you want to include in your application. While making a list of features, ensure that you include all those features that current camera apps are not providing to their users.

Currently, filters, photo editing tools, shooting modes, zoom, photo collage, funny stickers are some of the most common features that you can find in every single camera and photo editing application, so ensure that you try to be innovative with your features.

Instead of these common features, you can focus on including portrait effects to photos, manual focus, gesture-based ISO, white balance adjustments, shutter speed, RAW + JPG capture, etc. You should also come up with your own unique features that can make your app apart from other applications.

Step 4: Design & Development Phase

Generally, the design and development team are involved at the beginning of the project, but if the technical people, who will develop your application, are not on board, it’s time to include them.

Either you can hire iPhone app developer or iPhone app development company and discuss your project requirements. They will give the right solution to you and suggest some ideas as well.

But, before you hire them for your project, you should check their portfolio so that you can get an idea about them whether they can handle your project or not. If you have outsourced your project, be sure to get signed a non-disclosure agreement and establish a timeline for deliverables.

You should also keep in mind this saying that “hire slow, fire fast” and give yourself a quick out in case if you are not pleased with the hired mobile app developers’ capabilities.

Step 5: Test Your Developed Application

After designing and developing your application, now you can get some of your target audience to help you test your app. Generally, there are two different ways to test your application, let’s have a look at them:

  • UAT Testing: User Acceptance testing is one such process that will help you to discover whether your mobile app works for users or not. In simple words, you can put your application in the hands of a few people in your target audience. If your app passed the UAT test, you know what you next to do.
  • BETA Testing: The second way is you can make your app available for a beta trial, either through an open solicitation for participants or the enrollment of earlier identified groups. By getting reviews and feedback from beta users, you can get help in determining whether or not the app’s functions are operating well in a real-world environment.

Step 6: It’s Time to Launch Your Application

Now, you are ready to launch your developed application, so you just need to pick a day and key up a formal launch. To launch your app officially, ensure that you ready press releases, get support handy, and ensure that your marketing blitz is active.

Launch day should involve active effort like monitoring performance, resolving users’ issues instantly, and stay on top of the evolving situation. Once you launch your app, you need to be attentive otherwise you can miss opportunities to resolve queries and capitalize on good fortune.

These are the six simple yet easy-to-follow steps to develop a perfect camera app like Halide, allowing iPhone users to click phenomenal pictures.

If you have confusion in your mind like what will be the benefit of developing a camera app like Halide, here are some of the advantages that you can get:

What are the Benefits of Developing a Camera App Like Halide?

Today, Halide is considered as the most widely demanded and innovative camera app for people, who have an interest in deliberate and thoughtful photography. Recently, the app has got a huge update that features a new camera UI, specially designed for iPhone X from scratch.

For Halide for iPhone X, all the camera controls now sit within thumb’s reach, allowing app users to shoot with just one hand. So, developing a camera app like Halide can benefit you and your app users in many ways like:

  • Allow Your App Users to Review Images: Halide is one such iPhone X camera app that allows users to review their images after they have taken them. While reviewing pictures, users will be presented with useful metadata like type, date and time, shutter speed and ISO value about every single photo. So, you can also try to make something like this so that your app users can review their pictures with the required information.
  • Comes with Focus Peaking: The application comes with focus peaking that is a focus assistant tool, highlighting areas in a frame that are in focus with special colors. This type of feature can win a heart of photographers, who need to use manual focus. Make sure that you also include a manual focus feature that allows your users to manually change focus in the picture.
  • Higher Demand: By developing a camera application like Halide, there will be a higher demand for your app as you can include a maximum number of features that are not even obtainable in Halide and offer it at an affordable rate. You can give something extra to your users and win them by giving a user-friendly experience.

There are various other benefits that you can get in terms of business manner like higher revenue, higher profit, positive rating and reviews, creating a strong brand, etc. from developing best photo editor for Android.

Still, if you have any confusion or query regarding a camera app development, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. We are a leading mobile app development company and already developed over 50 photo editing and camera apps with unique features and functionalities.

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