Chat 2.0 – SnapChat Unrevealed its Most Powerful Weapon


Snapchat reached 8 billion daily video views in February. This is a one billion increase since January. – According to AdWeek

Chat 2.0 is the latest update which enables users to jump straight from sending a message to starting an audio or video chat. When you get a video call, you can also enable to choose Watch, Ignore or Join.

Users will require tapping the button to start a voice call. Once, they have started a voice conservation with anyone, they can just tap the phone button again to silent the microphone.

There are many other remarkable features integrated with the photo-based social media app. Check out what new features you will get in this go-to chatting application and know how to use them.

Snapchat Stories

Now, it becomes an auto-advance so when users get to the end of viewing a friend’s Story or swiping left, the next story starts playing for easy lean-back watching that should increase view counts and boost posting.

Audio and Video call

Now, users can also make Skype-like video or audio calls by just swiping right on the friend’s name. Choose the video camera button for a video call or the phone icon for an audio call. Additionally, you can also minimize a friend’s video call to a tiny bubble on the screen by swiping down on it!

Video “Gif” and Audio Notes

You can also send short snippets of audio or video for your friends. If you want to do this, then you just have to swipe right on the friend’s name, Press and hold the video camera button or phone icon for an audio note. Once, you have done, release the button.

Share Directly Your Edited Photo While Chatting

A Simple tap on the image icon inside your friend chats and send multiple images at once. When you are sending a photo during a video call, you will display as a translucent overlay on the chat window.

200 new stickers

There are more than 200 stickers added that helps users to express their feeling during text, video or audio chats. Just swipe rights on a friend’s name, tap the smiley face button and choose your stickers. To find stickers without spending much time, you just have to enter words like “Angry”, “Love”, etc.

Audio Notes

With Audio Notes, you can send short voice snippets when you can’t able to type or you are moving or you want to say something.

Steps to Update Snapchat 2016, ‘Chat 2.0’

The Chat 2.0 update is rolling out users around the globe. So, don’t worry, if you haven’t seen any update on your iPhone or Android device. You can also check the new features that have made it to your device in different ways.

First of all, check the iTunes of Play Store for the latest Snapchat updates. Open Snapchat application by swiping right a friend’s name and check if the new phone, icons or stickers available as the chat options.

If it is not available that means the update isn’t available to you.


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