Develop an App Like MTA eTix Mobile Ticketing App for Rail Travelers

MTA eTix Mobile Ticketing App

The first mobile ticketing app, MTA eTix has launched by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The MTA said that e-ticketing wouldn’t be available until the end of 2016 for its commuter rail lines. However, they have made an announcement for the current effort to upgrade and streamline the nation’s largest public transit system.

This application allows riders purchase tickets using their smartphones by the end of summer 2016 on Metro North and Long Island Rail Road. Available for iOS and Android devices, MTA eTix is operational for riders of Metro North’s Hudson line that runs north from New York City’s Grand Central Terminal along the Hudson River, and LIRR’s Port Washington branch that runs east from Penn Station.

This is a good news for 86.1 million people, who are using Metro North and 87.6 million people who are riding LIRR every year. It won’t have much effect for the 1.76 billion people, who are riding the New York City subway system. That’s because the MTA is only searching for a contractor to install a mobile ticketing system for the subway. Once, the MTA says the contract will have a duration of 69 months that mean it won’t be up and running until 2021.

How to Use MTA eTix Mobile Ticketing App?

To use application, you have to download MTA eTix app and sign up for an account, choose the ticket you want to purchase, and enter credit/debit card information. After that, they will ride the train in three simple steps:

Purchase a ticket by adding information about origin and destination, and choosing the type of ticket (monthly, weekly, 10-trip, or one-way). Your booked ticket has been saved in an electronic “ticket wallet” feature in the app.

Before boarding the train, pull up the ticket from the ticket wallet and activate by clicking on the “activate ticket” button. When a conductor comes through the train for ticketing checking, just show the activated ticket displayed and show the smartphone screen to the conductor to validate the mobile ticket.

MTA eTix Mobile Ticketing App gives management tools like users can refund for unused mobile tickets, manage payment information and request receipts. Moreover, riders can easily access the app via the TrainTime apps or as a stand-alone app via Google Play Store or iTunes.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said:

“Our administration remains committed to building a transit network that is responsive to the needs of travelers who rely on mass transportation, and the launch of the MTA eTix app is a major step forward in our efforts. This new app puts riders first by eliminating the ticket line and helping New Yorkers and visitors get where they need to go with more freedom and convenience than ever before. We will continue to create a 21st century transit system that embraces innovation to ensure that we are building a stronger, more competitive New York.”

After MTA eTix app launched, they follow a successful field test in which 150 customers, who ride the LIRR Port Washington Branch or Metro-North’s Hudson Line, are participated to test the application. The app’s performance is monitored by both conductors and participating customers, and reported any problems they met to the app development team.

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