How much time does it take to develop an app like Instagram with Selfie Filter Feature?


These days, people just love the concept of sharing beautiful pictures using top photo sharing apps like Instagram. It is one of the widely used photo sharing apps that allow users to share their pictures and other visual content.

Furthermore, according to the latest report from The Verge, “Instagram has added new customized emoji shortcuts to its app.” And, it will appear above the keyboard on the mobile devices. The new feature, an emoji shortcut bar, allows its app users to comment quickly to their Instagram stories or captioning their own posts.

Now Instagram is turning out to be open-up to external GIF engines to further extend its sticker library. Till now, you couldn’t be able to share GIFs. But, all thanks to Giphy, Instagram let its users share GIF files via Instagram Stories.

Giphy, an online GIF database & search engine has collaborated with Instagram to make an exclusive sticker engine for the library of GIFs specifically designed to be used over photos and videos rather than being shared.

Both, Facebook and Giphy have been working hard to make a custom GIF database. Earlier, Giphy also supported Facebook in launching a GIF button.

A few months back, this photo-sharing app added a Snapchat users’ most favourite augmented reality selfie filters, called face filters. The initial face filters just work like Snapchat, and allow users to add virtual koala ears, butterfly crown or wrinkle-smooth makeup, nerd glasses, etc. In the below-given video, you can check out the new face filters that have been added by the Instagram team:

As per the recent news by TechCrunch, Instagram is globally launching a new feature “Close Friends” on iOS and Android. This new feature allows users to build a single private list of your best buddies on Instagram through suggestions or search and then share stories among them.

Looking at another report from TechCrunch, Instagram is adding the ability to publish feed posts to multiple accounts, so users control at the same time by toggling them on within the composer screen.

How Instagram’s Face Filters Feature is Different Than Other Selfie Filters Apps?

Instagram, a highly popular photo-sharing app, wants to be the one-stop shop for visual communication irrespective of your age. The spins on Snapchat’s selfie masks is mainly designed to make them simple yet less wacky so they can serve to users beyond teens.

In case, if you are not into Stories, you can directly use Face Filters with Instagram Direct and Boomerang and images you might want to post to the main feed. Let’s check out how Instagram’s face filters feature is different than other selfie filters apps if you want to make an app like Instagram.

1. A Range of Unique Face Filters

The Instagram team has built all new filters and designs, allowing users to enjoy a range of face filters, including nerd glasses, gold grew, chasma, koala, etc.

instagram-face-filtersThese filters are completely new and unique from other selfie filter apps like Snapchat. Users can try different filters, click some of the amazing pictures, and directly share it on Instagram stories.

2. Easy to Pick Your Mode

As you already know that there is a range of unique face filters in this new feature. You can easily pick any of your desired modes to try and click a picture with just one tap and save it in your gallery or share it with your friends.

Moreover, you can use the filters in a few different ways, and all of them are accessible from the same screen where you pull up the face filters themselves.

3. Face Filters Can Also Be Used For Videos

Along with click some of the beautiful face filter pictures, you can also take videos using face filters that are completely fun to share with your Instagram followers or friends.


The new update can be easily accessed while taking any kind of video on the application. Even with the new Rewind feature too. However, it is totally new and interesting for users to try and have fun.

4. Two-Person Filters

One of the most interesting thing about some of the filters is two-person filters that allow you to apply face filters along with your friends and click beautiful pictures.


So, you can call out your friend and apply certain filters so that you two can click a picture at the same time. Thus, it is the best way to spice up your holiday pictures or weekend photo shoot between you and your friend.

5. Allows to Make Some Edits

Once you have got your capture, you can edit it with photo editing process. Currently, the app provides three different buttons in the top right corner, including Stickers, Draw, and Text.


  • Stickers: Using Stickers button, you can find a lot of different stickers to apply to your picture. The stickers change on regular basis and allow users to edit their pictures with stickers like time, location, hashtag, poll, and festive seasons’ stickers.
  • Draw: Making use of drawing tool, you can edit your picture with a regular pen, a brush, glowing maker, and an eraser. In the bottom, there are different ink colors to choose from. And there is an undo button for easy fixing.
  • Text: The text tool will bring up a text box on the picture, allowing you to type in the message you want to share. Moreover, you can also make a choice between colors and text size.

So, Instagram users can easily make different edits to their pictures and videos.

How Much Time Does It Take to Develop Face Filters Feature?

Our team of mobile application developers have already researched and analyzed the Instagram app to provide approximate hours of developing an Instagram Clone app. You can find a complete table, containing all the features of the Instagram application and its approximate development hours.

As Instagram has added a new feature like face filters, our team of app developers used every single face filter and analyzed it to provide approximate hours of developing face filters feature in photo sharing app like Instagram.

According to one of our experienced mobile app developers, it will take approximately 100 hours to develop face filters feature like an Instagram app.

Well, these are just the approximate hours of developing face filters feature as it also depends on different factors like platform (Android & iOS) that you choose to develop-on and android app development company that you hire because all the companies have different hourly rates of their developers.

Still, if you have any confusion or query related to the cost or app development hours of an Instagram like app with selfie filter feature, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and we will revert to you within 48 hours!


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