Develop an App like MSQRD, Live Filters for Selfies & Videos

MSQRD, also known as Masquerade, which is a popular video-filtering and silly face-tracking app that transforms you into totally new character within some seconds.


Becomes Popular Face-Swapping App and Reaches 1.6 Billion User base

Facebook is a text, photo, and video based social networking app. And to persist its monopoly, they invest or buy emerging photo & video applications. And, MSQRD’s 1.6 Billion user-base was more than enough to gaze Facebook’s attention. After Instagram, Facebook acquires MSQRD, a real-time video filter app, to square up to Snapchat.

How MSQRD Got the Numbers of Downloads

When the press asked to Eugene (founder of MSQRD), he said


“Within Facebook, we’re going to be able to reach people like never before. For starters, we’ll be able to bring our technology to Facebook’s audience of nearly 1.6 billion people. This is a scale of audience we never imagined was possible”.

How MSQRD is different than other photo & video apps?

Every app that gets a huge user base comes with some unique features and here MSQRD also comes with real-time filters features such as


Live Filters for Selfie

Tracks the users’ face and apply various filters, including add masks, effects, etc. in real-time.

Record video selfie animations

Record your own video by showing off the animation or say something funny.

Face Swap

Click a selfie by swapping faces with someone else.

Facial recognition

Detects and recognizes the elements of the user’s face and goes right through their glasses and fits perfectly on their faces.

Social Sharing

Share a selfie or video with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text or email.

Stickers and Texts on Images

Use video editing tools to add features stickers and texts on images and videos.

If you have a better idea for a photo/video app, let’s discuss it. The MSQRD is just an example of where imagination can reach.

The stage when you finally decide to make a Photo/Video app, Space-O stands on the top with a team experienced developers. In fact, on AppStore, 9 out of top 200 Photo/Video apps are developed by us. Additionally, an app developed by us named ‘Closed Caption’ secured 8th rank within just 3 days of launch. So, the total is 10.

FAQs for an app like MSQRD

  • What different masks you add in my MSQRD app?

    MSQRD has started with Joker, Leonardo Dicaprio, Harry Potter, Barack Obama and a plethora of other characters, and still notify users with different new characters. From celebrity faces to animals and cartoons, you can think creative for your own MSQRD or photo & video app to make your app unique. How about Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, or Hulk? People are crazy for them, ain’t they?

  • Would you be able to integrate Face Swap feature in the application?

    Why not! That is one feature of an application, we can think something like tinder app feature of swapping to make even better. Recently, one app ‘WantList’ for shopping, works like a Tinder for shopping. Swipe right, if you like the style and left, if you don’t! The app makes easy for shoppers to purchase. There’s a Tinder for everything, these days! See some of the top app's features and use in your own version.

  • Would you be able to integrate the social sharing feature?

    We have developed more than 100 apps, which are having features like share with social networks, and nowadays it is mandatory. Even Google+ is giving the option to share on Facebook and Twitter. So you must include this feature in your app idea plan.

  • How do I Get an app like MSQRD?

    If you have decided to make a similar Photo/Video app like MSQRD, don’t miss to execute your idea. Take a note, list down the features you want to integrate into your app. Let’s discuss it. Let us give you the estimation of your app development idea.

  • Is it possible for you to customize MSQRD app?

    Of course, we develop only customized app. All you want is customize photo and video app that has features like MSQRD or better than that.

  • Can MSQRD like app help me to generate revenue? If yes, then how?

    Yes, you can generate revenue by different ways such as integrating Google ads, with In-App Purchases and releasing paid version of an application. You can also look at this article that how snapchat has introduced a new way of generating revenue.

This team was nice to work with and I felt like I got a great app for the price, which was very reasonable. They always got back to me right away and did the work quickly. I slowed the process down a couple of times by taking too long to make decisions, but they were always right on time and I was surprised how quickly they finished it!Barb Raveling
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